Friday, March 06, 2015

The Best Foam Roller Routines on YouTube | #FtinessFriday

My half-marathon training is back in full swing. I've been running somewhere between 30-40 miles a week and O to the M to the G am I sore! I finally caved and picked up the foam roller that was on my half-marathon lust list from my local sporting goods store last week. As I walked gingerly into my house, I went straight to YouTube for guidance. And here are the best foam roller routines that I found:

Tone It Up: Frisky Fall Foam Roller Routine!

I love the ladies at Tone It Up. Karina's Foam Roller Routine is intense and thorough. What I love about this routine is that it works the upper body, lower body and you even get some core work in thereh too. Foam rollers aren't fun---but I feel GREAT after these stretches.

Full-Body Rolling Out Routine | Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

Ashely Borden is an amazing fitness instructor and I adore her foam roller routine. She offers great tips and tricks for newbies while also explaining how to make your foam roller routine more intense as your body gets used to pressure. She goes rather quickly through the different moves---so if you didn't catch it all or you need a written reference, check out her website for her FREE rolling out guide.

Dr. Sarah Solomon- Foam Rolling, Stretching, Postural Correction & Ergonomics

Sarah is a fitness beast--model, instructor, coach---all that jazz. I love her foam rolling routine because she stresses the importance of stretching for injury prevention and treatment---both things that I need! Her video is in real time and super easy to follow. Once I get used to foam rolling (aka it doesn't hurt like heck anymore!) I'm definitely going to upgrade to the advanced rumble roller that she uses.

My goal is to get into the habit of foam rolling every day! Fingers crossed that I can make it!

What's your favorite foam rolling stretch?



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