Friday, May 22, 2015

Does Tracking Calories Work? | #FitnessFriday

Y'all know that I LOVE my FitBit!

Not really breaking news right?

You can read why I'm FitBit obsessed here, here, and here.

It's actually quite sad that I really can't remember what life was like before my FitBit! I love that I can keep all of my non-walking/running workouts, join competitions with my FitBit friends, and track my water intake all in place. The one feature that I haven't used regularly is the Food Plan tile. Tracking calories sounds crazy tedious, time consuming, lame, and annoying. But before I completely knocked it---I tried it for two weeks.

And I lost 4 lbs...

That I didn't gain back!

That wasn't water weight!

Without changing up my usual workout routine!


Is tracking calories tedious? Yeah. I'll be honest with you. But it's not as lame, time consuming, and annoying as I thought that it would be. And once I got into the habit---I actually remembered to do it more often than not.

It was pretty eye opening too. I really thought that I was eating well. But I wasn't. My sugar intake was crazy high. FitBit lays it out so well that it's really hard to ignore that I needed to make better choices in my afternoon snacks.

Entering my meal information after each meal definitely convinced me not to have another helping or another snack. I also realized that while depriving myself from my favorites leads to a very unhappy KLP---I also can't binge eat either. Hello portion control! We finally meet!

I'm not really sure why I didn't start tracking my calories sooner. But this is EXACTLY what I needed to keep my sweet tooth in check! I'll update you guys in a few weeks to let you know how it's going and if I keep up with it!

Do you track your calories? Is is working for you? What's your favorite app?



  1. I do try my very best to track calories but I just can't remember to do it. I am good for about 1 week and then BLAM I forget and am off the wagon. I end up going back to guessing.

    1. Same here chica! But I'm trying to make it a routine that sticks!


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