Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy Birthday SavingOurStrands + Top Stories of 2015

We're three years old!

Pop the confetti, sprinkle the glitter, it's Saving Our Strands BIRTHDAY!!!!

Omgosh so much has changed over the last year...

I went from MBL

Final Relaxed Hair Length Check

to "chile I don't even know how long my hair is"....

My hair lately: twist and curl

My bloggy bestie got hitched....

Just Married Mark & Keyda

and I rocked extensions for the first time in YEARSSS!

Meet My Kurly Klips!

It's still hard to believe that SavingOurStrands is 3 years old! Keyda and I NEVER imagined that our silly slightly neurotic hair blog would attract hundred's of followers or nab over 505,000+ page views from 10 countries across the global. Y'all DA REAL MVP! Thanks for allowing us to share our shenanigans and teeny tiny spot in your hearts.

Un mil besitos!


  1. Happy birthday! Were is Kelda now by the way? Does she not blogg anymore?

    1. Thanks Lisa! Keyda holds down the fort behind the scenes and pops in via blog post here and there.

  2. Happy Birthday, Saving Our Strands!

  3. Happy blog birthday and wishing you many more!!!

  4. Happy blog birthday!


  5. Happy birthday SOS we love you!

  6. Happy birthday to your blog!!! Only three years, and so much great content, keep it coming!

  7. Happy Birthday! OMG we are almost like twins, we are literally 3 days apart!! Yikes!! hugs!!!

    1. Yeppers! (Although...this birthday post is a little late. We actually started the blog on New Year's Day) *shame face* LOL

  8. Happy birthday! My blog was a little bipolar for a while so I don't recall the birthdate lol Let me explain...

    My blog was initially freshradiantskin.com and then radiantbrownbeauty.com
    I started blogging about skin care and I was selling a skin care line. My url was crazy at the time (deadseastorebyrv.com). People couldn't remember it. So freshradiantskin.com came about. But then I realized I didnt want to blog about just skin care because I didn't have a huge passion to share it all the time. So then came radiantbrownbeauty.com

    I figured I could talk about all things beauty under that url but yet again I still felt like my real passion lied specifically with talking about hair. So after doing some praying God gave me a new name...Fine Natural Hair and Faith - 2 passions I can write about forever.

    So i say all that to say that if we go with just my new url, it was birthed last year on March 7th. Or at least thats what my announcement post says LOL

    1. LOL! I totally get it! Keyda and I went back and forth on names for the blog for at least 3-4 months before we settled on SavingOurStrands. While the blog is 90% hair (relaxed, natural, etc) related---we do toss in a little life and beauty here and there.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Happy anniversary!! Your best friend getting married was a big milestone, indeed!


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