Friday, February 19, 2016

How to Organize and Store Your Natural Hair Products

I tried for years to keep all of my lotions, potions, and miracle growth elixirs from spilling over, expiring, and getting lost in the sauce---only to find my stash in chaos a week later.

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I'd clean it up, reorganize it, and try again, month after month. Until I realized that I just had too much stuff.; 75% of it I didn't need, want, or even use. Minimizing is my key to organizing.

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Once I'd decluttered and downsized my stash--I came up with this crazy simple way to organize what was left. Here's how I started:

F R E Q U E N C Y   O F   U S E

First, I divided my minimized stash by how often I used it. The items that I use daily, I leave on my bathroom vanity. I keep my weekly #WashDayExperience products in my storage cart next to my bathroom. My other items, those that I rely on for super special occasions, I store in my closet. 

S T O R A G E   S O L U T I O N S

My daily products live on a tray that I picked at Dollar Tree (for a dollar too!). I'm not a naturally tidy person, so I love this tray because it gives my mind a designated spot for my items. (My husband also loves that my stuff isn't on his side of the vanity.)

My weekly #WashDayExperience items are stored in this cart from IKEA. Each of the four drawers has a specific designation:
  1. Accessories & Combs
  2. Shampoos & Styling Tools
  3. Priming Products (Leave-ins and stylers)
  4. Conditioners

Lastly, my super special occasion items like my steam rollers, perm rods, and flexis are separated into clear stack-able containers (also available at Dollar Tree).

S H O P   I T!

Cart- Ikea
Basket Insert- Ikea
Clear stack-able containers- Dollar Tree
Silver tray- Dollar Tree

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For all of my other items that didn't fall into any of these categories, I asked myself:

Why do I have this? and Do I actually use this? 

Most of my answers were really lame, so I let all that other stuff go. How do you organize your hair products?



  1. I love your idea im definitely gonna try it your way

    1. Ohhh! And I'm always looking for ways to improve this system too!

  2. Love love love the organisation.I especially love the idea of daily products being in a tray. That would make my dressing table more tidy. I already use a storage cart, I need a better one though.

    1. Thanks chica! I wish that I could say that I invented that idea, but I actually picked it up from my super organized sorority sister!

      And what I love about this storage cart is definitely the casters (wheels) and the divider insert! I wish that all of the drawers in my house had them! No more hair pins EVERYWHERE!

  3. I find that I am not using most of my products as well. Thanks for this post! Tine for me to get organized!

    1. Woot woot for intentionality! Thanks for stopping by chica!

  4. I absolutely love this. Thanks for posting.

  5. You're so right about decluttering. I need to start there, but I'm still convincing myself that I'm going to try some of the products I'm hanging on to. I at least have staple products that I use, so that's a step in the right direction. I have two big bins full of products (a step in the wrong direction, lol) BUT I will eventually work to get where you are!

    1. I can totally relate chica. It took me forever to get to the point where I am now. I started by forcing myself to use everything that I had which meant mixing together all of my half empty bottles of conditioner to get rid of it. LOL.

      Feel free to judge me!

  6. I love the coordination, you are the best planner in town.

  7. I REALLY need to reorganize my products and I have the means and storage to do it, but I just don't wanna! This post has motivated me to do something though, your stuff looks so super clean and neat!!!

    1. Just do it! Although it was a little painful---purging was soooo worth it!


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