Wednesday, March 02, 2016

[Tutorial] Swirled Flat Twist Bun for Natural Hair | The #WashDayExperience

My curlformer curls from last week went into bun. *curse you spring allergies!* I co-washed as usual and put my hair in a high puff until today's #washdayexperience. Because I'd left my poor ends to dry out---I tweaked the regimen that I've been sticking to just a little but kept the products exactly the same.

Here's what I used:

Pre-shampoo- DIY Moisturizing Mist (tutorial here) + Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner  (review here) + Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Why I 💕 EVCO!) + My Stimulating Essential Oil on my scalp
Clay Rinse- Here's the dets on my recipe
Deep Condition- Jessicurl Deep Treatment Conditioner (review here)
Leave-Ins- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Why EVCO is AMAZING here) + Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner (why I love this stuff here) + DIY Hair Butter (tutorial here)

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And here's how I did it:

This week's theme is Dry Scalp Remedies, so I started by applying my Stimulating Essential Oil (Here's how to make your own) to my scalp. I've used this blend for years and its my favorite cure-all. The essential oil blend soothes itchiness whilst the oil relives dry scalp. Plus it smells divine!

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Next, I spritzed the ends of my hair with my DIY Moisturizing Mist (tutorial here). Then I slathered my hair in Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (my full review here) and sealed my ends with a little coconut oil. Because my ends felt drier than usual, I covered my hair with a plastic bag and went to sleep.

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An overnight pre-shampoo session was EXACTLY what my hair needed because in the morning, my hair was crazy plump, soft, and uber moisturized! Next, I hopped in the shower, rinsed the conditioner section by section then applied my Clay Rinse with a narrow tip applicator bottle. I usually start my application process from back to front and I noticed that the curls in the back of my hair are completed defined from root to tip. So, next week, I plan to start the application process from front to back so that my curls in the front can get more clay love.

Next, I deep conditioned with my all time fave conditioner Jessicurl Deep Treatment Conditioner (review here), coated my ends in Extra Virgin Coconut oil (here's the kind that I use $) to seal in the conditioner and plopped under my hooded dryer for about 30 minutes.

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I t-shirt dried for about 10 minutes then installed Curlformers using a little more Extra Virgin Coconut Oil + Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner (why I love this stuff here) + DIY Hair Butter (how to make your own Hair Butter here) as my leave ins.

I had to run grab the minions from the bus before I could figure out how I wanted to style my hair so I threw my curls up into a banana clip.

When I got home, I decided on this Swirled Flat Twist Bun.

Here's how I did it:
  1. Begin with stretched hair (I stretched my hair using Curlformers.) 
  2. Pull all of your hair to one side. I chose the left side. Then secure with a hair clip.
  3. Take a small section near your left ear and section it off. We'll work with it later.
  4. Now grab a small section of hair near your right ear and begin your flat twist. This twist will end near your temple. 
  5. Begin another flat twist directly behind the first one.
  6. Incorporate the first twist into the second twist.
  7. Then flat twist along your hair line until you reach your left ear.
  8. Then start to curve your flat twist towards your right ear. This will create the swirled effect.
  9. Continue flat twisting until you reach the nape of the right side of your hair. Double strand twist your ends. 
  10. Release your remaining section. Divide it in half. 
  11. Then double strand twist each section.
  12. Cris-cross the last two twists and secure the ends into a bun.  

Optional: Polish the look by smoothing your edges with little edge control. I used Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste.

I'll wear this style for 2-3 days before I co-wash and bun my hair for the rest of week.

What are your remedies for a dry scalp? Share all the dets in this week's #WashDayExperience link up below!



  1. KLP you must be from hairstyle Mars planet, how do you come up with so many. I am so in-love with the style.

    1. You're sooo silly! Thanks for stopping by chica! I bet that this style would look AMAZING on you!

  2. girrrl, simply elegant :-) I think it a very neat hand like yours to get the twists looking so well defined...

    1. Thanks Becca! Here's a tip: I flat twist tightly (but not uncomfortably tight) then go back and fluff each section by pulling it apart. This is what gives all of my braids and twists volume.

    2. Ahaaa I'll definitely try that KLP thanks :-)

  3. #HairCrush I always look forward to your hairstyles. This is gorgeous.

  4. Oh your hair is so beautiful. I love the styles you come up with!!!

  5. Can we say fab! Love everything about your hair. I think I will have to suck it up and purchase some curlformers.

    1. Thanks Teresa! It took me YEARS to buy Curlformers and I totally regret it. I wish that I would have picked them up sooner! They're amazing!

  6. This look is very elegant! I love it!!

  7. Lovely Hairstyle! And I love the curlformer results!


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