Tuesday, April 26, 2016

3 Ways To Prepare Your Curls For Summer

I'm so ready for summer! But, I'm not so sure that my hair is. I feel like I've got my minimalist regimen down pact. I know what styles...

*clears throat* Hey Curlformers!!!

...worked for my hair during the cooler months. However, I think that it's time to give my curls a pick me up. Here's how I'm getting my hair ready for summer:

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My last trim was in December and although I'm not one to really trim on a schedule, I do want to start the summer without splits and single strand knots.

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Y'all know how much I love deep conditioning my hair overnight. I talk about it constantly because iIt's a staple technique in my regimen. Plus I already know what will happen if I don't stick to what works for my hair. Last summer, I lived in my high puff. I didn't moisturize my hair regularly and my ends suffered because of it. In learning from my mistake, I want to be proactive instead of reactive and keep my ends in good shape.

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My curlformers have been very good to me, but I need to be realistic. I live at the beach and the humidity + heat + 100% chance of rain erryday just won't let me be great. I don't think that I'll turn into a wash and go pro, but I really want to find a styling technique that can work with the elements instead of revolting against them. Until then---I'll be rocking the mess outta these Kurly Klips!

In what ways are you pepping your hair for summer? What's your signature summer style?



  1. I need a trim desperately! I plan to do it before summer like you suggest.

    1. I just trimmed my hair about a week ago. My ends weren't terrible but I can definitely feel the difference when I wash my hair.

  2. There's nothing so fustrating like dull ends. How often do you trim, KLP?


    1. Hey chica!,

      I don't really have a schedule per se. But every 3-4 months is about right.

      Thanks for stopping by chica!

  3. I started up my wash and go's with more regularity but I think I'm going to go the route of stretched twist outs this summer. My hair will still shrink due to the humidity but it won't be as shrunken (bye by SSKs)with twist outs I do on stretched hair. Funny thing is the humidity will make it look like a WnG anyway LOL

    thank you for the post idea! I am running a little dry on ideas. Well, mostly I want to change what I already had planned . Sooo I'm going to do a post on how I plan to style my hair this summer and go more into depth :-)

    1. Yay for inspiration!

      I know that it's a lofty goal--but I really want to master my wash and go this summer. I tried last year but it was a miserable fail for a ton of reasons. The biggest reason was that my hair wasn't as moisturized as it needed to be. I think that I've gotten that part taken care of with clay rinses and overnight deep conditioning so...fingers crossed that I can get it done!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I recently cut my hair as you know and I feel so prepared for Summer, Fall, Winter (and Spring of next year). Basically, I'm ready for whatever so let's do it. I regret waiting so long to cut.

    Jay | RelaxedThairapy.com

  5. I dont do wash and go . It dont work for me my hair shrink a lot. So most of the time after Washing I braid my hair. Every night I moister it and sleep with a bun for streching my hair

    1. I can't say that I'm a wash and go girl either---at least not yet. But last week I did have a successful wash and go. I let it shrink up and air dry, then I banded my curls overnight. The banding helped keep the curl intact and stretched it a bit. Fingers crossed that I can get this wash and go thing together soon! Summer is right around the corner!


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