Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How I Maintained My Wash and Go for 5 Days

I never thought that I could actually get any style to last. Especially not for 5 days. Especially not a wash and go. And especially when I've never even had a presentable wash and go to begin with. But my wash and go from last week was pure magical. Not only was it beautiful on day 1---it was still gorgeous on day 5!

And I practially did NOTHING to maintain it. Legit y'all. No moisturizing or sealing. No reapplication of gel. No nada. Here's what I did:


Every night, I banded my hair. Banding is a super simple concept and even easier to do. First, divided my hair into about 5-9 sections (the more sections you have the more stretch you'll be able to achieve), then used an extra wide hair tie to secure the section at the base. Next, I wrapped the the rest of the pony along the length my hair. I don't band the very ends of my hair to keep the curls in tact.

Banding elongates my curls without destroying the curl pattern. It also counteracts the ridiculous amount of shrinkage that I have. The best part about banding is that it's heat free, doesn't cause breakage, and it's incredibly gentle on my strands.

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Day 1


I workout every morning---and night. During my morning workouts, I keep my hair banded and covered with a satin scarf. At night, I throw my hair up into a high puff.

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Day 2 Wash and go


On the mornings when I started the day with cardio---I noticed that my roots were a little damp. So I sat under my hooded dryer---on cool---for about 10 minutes until my roots were dry. Then I removed the bands, shook my hair, fluffed it a little with my fingers for some volume, then went about my business.

Day 3 Wash and go


After my night workout, I banded my hair into those same 5 sections. I didn't moisturize. I didn't seal. I didn't really do much of anything besides band my hair and cover with a scarf.

Day 4 Wash and Go

I'm not really used to one wash day a week anymore. I was afraid that my hair was going to be a dry frizz ball. But believe it or not, my hair felt amazing. I had a little frizz in the front---most likely from my time on the treadmill with covering my hair. *hangs head* So on day 5, I pulled it up into a high puff. I washed my hair the next day but I feel like I could have pushed it one more day in another high puff if I needed to.

Day 5 Wash and go

I'm feeling really optimistic about the future of my wash and gos!

Are you a wash and go girl? How do you maintain your curls?



  1. You know what I think that sometimes we get the best results when we do not fuss over things and your wash and go lasting five days without you doing much to it is a perfect example of that. I realised i retain length when i am not obsessing about moisturising, scalp oiling, deep conditioning etc I am loving tha messy high puffchica!

    1. Lydz...girl...

      We are totally on the same page! I really wanted a low fuss style for the summer and I think that I've found it! I guess that the saying is true: Simple is best!

      Only time will tell if my hair can benefit from the wash and go, but so far--I'm feeling good about it!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I neeeeed to band, I don't think I've tried it before but your hair is looking so lovely I need to give it a go! x

    1. Putting the bands in my hair takes all of 5 minutes! It's sooooo easy. I hope you try it!

  3. So happy you are experiencing wash and go success! I maintain my hair by doing a crossrap by grabbing my hair like two puffs and crossing them at the back of my head. Holding the cross I put my bonnet on. In the morning I just shake and go.

    1. I'm excited for the day when I can cross wrap my hair again! Right now it's a bit too short in it's wash and go state to cross wrap. But OMG---how awesome is it to just fluff and go?!?!?

  4. I am so freaking jealous. This is adorable. Your hair looks amazing. All in good time.

    1. LOl! You're a mess chica! It took me FOREVER to get to this point. But I'm glad that I didn't give up! You're totally right...all in good time!

  5. I knew you would be a wash n go boss , just like BKO. Your curls are popping.

    1. Ha-ha!!! It only took a year of trial and error LOL! Thanks for your support and encouragement chica!

  6. So pleased to hear your wash and go lasted for so long, thanks for reminding me about banding as a way for stretching hair.


    1. Banding is AMAZING! I love the fact that all textures can benefit from it. I used banding when my hair was relaxed, while I was stretching/transitioning and even now that my hair is completely unprocessed.


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