Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Wash and Go FAIL | The #WashDayExperience

Last spring, I attempted my first wash and go. It was pretty terrible. My hair took hours to dry, my curls were stupid frizzy, and by the time that it dried---my hair felt like straw. I tried a couple more times before I gave up and moved on to curlformers.

But the problem is---I LOVE my curl pattern. My curls are tiny and stupid coily and ever so kinky. And when moisturized my curls pop like crazy. Ugh...Do you guys understand how much I just wanna wake up like this? Perfectly moisturized, just the right amount of shrinkage, and curls for ddaaayyyssssss....

So I gotta find a technique + product that will help my curls hold this pattern instead of frizzing up completely. (No shade to frizz---I do love a good fuzzy frizzy high puff every now and

So I'm determined to figure get this wash and go situation right for the summer. And how perfect is this week's #WashDayExperience theme: Summer Prep!?!

Here's what I used:

Deep Condition- DIY Moisturizing Mist (tutorial here) + Jessicurl Deep Treatment Conditioner (review here)
Leave-Ins- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Why EVCO is AMAZING here) + Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner (why I love this stuff here) + EccoStyler Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gel (buy it here)

And here's how I did it:

I started my spritzing the ends of my hair with my DIY Moisturizing Mist (tutorial here). Then I slathered my hair in Jessicurl Deep Treatment (review here). My hair was super dry so I sealed in the conditioner with a little Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (here's the kind that I use $) then left it in overnight.

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The next morning, I rinsed the conditioner, t-shirt dried for a couple of minutes then applied little more Extra Virgin Coconut Oil + Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner (why I love this stuff here) as my leave ins.

My Wash and Go Technique #1

I put my hair into 5 sections then secured each with a hair clip. Starting with the back, I spritzed it with water until it was soaking wet then finger detangled until my hair clumped into curls. Then I smoothed a little gel on the roots. Next, I raked a little more gel through all the way until the ends and gently shook out the curls. (aka the rake and shake technique)

The application process took me about 35-40 minutes to do. Then used a diffuser to dry the ends and the concentration nozzle to stretch the roots.

Everything seemed to be going well. Until I realized two things:


That gel cast is NOT a joke.

I also noticed that I stretched my roots a bit too much which made the top of my hair really flat. It was impossible to get a presentable pic of how bad it really was.

So I pulled it up into a high puff and called it a day.

I'm thinking that I'll try a new gel next week, do a clay rinse (to get those curls re-hydrated), and try not to blow-fry my roots again. Do you have any tips on getting your wash and go just right? Dimelo!



  1. Sorry about the gel cast. I heard that using a clay rinse or mask before your wash and go can help with frizz. Maybe a different gel can work.

    1. I picked up Eco Styler Krystal gel today---fingers crossed that works better!

  2. I know that I don't always come on my youtube channel with really defined curls but I have stumbled upon my holy grail wash and go technique.

    Starting from post deep condition...
    1. Rinse the first section being sure to get it--and keep it--soaking wet.
    2. LCO method or lOC method the section being very generous with product.
    3. Also being generous, add on your styler
    4. Now, part off a row from your section and smooth some styler on the roots (a MUST for type 4 hair)
    5. Rake through the product 2-3 times then hold the ends and shake them. This will pop them apart without all the time of shingling.
    6. Repeat 4-6 until the section is done
    6. Repeat 1-6 until your head is done

    You can stop there but...
    1. Tip your head quickly back under the running water for extra hang and less frizz
    2. Bend over and shake your head like a madwoman (you may want to cover your face)
    3. Right side up, toss your hair to the side you'd like to wear it.

    These steps produce a wash and go like the one in my recent clay rinse post. There is a gel cast but you can break it by taking large dried sections of your hair and twisting them, then holding for a second or two. I personally don't like to break the cast so this wash and go technique gives me 6-7 day hair.

    1. YOU ARE AN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks Kayla!!

  3. Oh no, I was thinking about purchasing that gel to a tighter hold. I'm sure you're gonna perfect wash n go's in no time. High puff for the save

    1. I actually don't think that the gel is bad. I just don't think that it mixes well with my Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner. It's really weird because I only get that white gel cast in certain places (ironically ONLY in the front of my hair) so I'm thinking those are the areas where my hair just doesn't absorb the product well/quickly.

      Thanks for the confidence chica...I'm OH SO determined!

  4. I dont use gel but a leave-in conditioner with hold. So, when I am done washing, still in the shower, I divide a generous amount of leave in shower when the hair is still wet. i comb through the hair parts but part, making sure it is still soaking wet and covered with leave in conditioner. Then I go out in the sun (if there is any) If i have understod it right, you work requires a lot of computer work, then just move out in the garden that morning. When the hair is dry, and if there still is a crust, I finger combe through it with some oil. The leave in I use that gives hold is Dr Bronner lavender leave in. Your hair smells so fresh, like newly washed laundry.

    1. Thanks for the tips Lisa!!! I think that I need to wait until my hair is COMPLETELY dry before I try to break the gel cast. Ugh...I just get so impatient. LOL!

  5. Your hair in first collage is GORGEOUS! 😍 A wash and go is the one style I'd hope to do when I went natural because the ability to roll out of bed and have hair that's ready to go is what dreams are made of. Alas, my shrinkage is just not about the wash and go life 😩

    1. Oh that devil shrinkage! I have a love hate relationship with it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my defined curls---but I want just a smidge of elongation. Hmph. I feel like Goldilocks. LOLOL

  6. Your texture is gorgeous!!! I only have two tips to add to the suggestions above:
    1. Apply a leave-in with hold immediately post rinsing the deep conditioner
    2. Let the style set for 30 minutes before attempting to diffuse
    I hope this helps!!!

    1. Thanks chica! Ohhh...let it set for 30 minutes. Boom. Totally using that technique next week!

  7. Your flaking seems to be the product pairing. the products I use work soooo well together. I never ever flake and its always soft. I also use oil after the leave in AND after the gel. It keeps the hair soft when it dries.

    Hope you find your WnG technique soon!

    1. Ooohhh...I never thought to add my leave in and oil AFTER the gel.... That's I really good idea.

      I tried another wash and go over the weekend where I didn't use the diffuser + let the curls set for about an hour + a different gel. I got a MUCH better result. So I'm thinking that the flaking was mostly from me messing with the curls too much while they were drying.

      Thanks for the tips chica!

  8. I am loving this post because of all the great tips in the comments section. I am planning my first wash and go soon - I can tell that all these tips are going to come in handy.

  9. Your curl pattern is so nice.

  10. I look at your wash and go results and me thinking if you had seen my wash and go results over the weekend your title would change to - wash and go success! Your hair is amazing KLP, but can't wait to see your re-attempt I will be following closes!!

    1. LOL! You're so silly Yvonne! I'm sitting with a head full of gel RIGHT NOW. So far so good. Fingers crossed that I'll have something good to say in tomorrow's #washdayexperience!

      Thanks for commenting!

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