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Fro with Bangs | The #WashDayExperience

My wash and go is more of a wash, apply products, wait wait wait wait wait wait, wait some more wait wait wait wait until it air dries, band to stretch the curls a bit, then go. But you know what's weird? I honestly wouldn't have it any other way because this style lasts me for 5-6 days. My hair stays uber moisturized. I've experienced less breakage, less shedding, and more curl popping definition.

I can alternate between a high puff and wearing it out, without ruining my curls. I don't have to moisturize and seal daily. And I'm only washing my hair once a week. Like seriously---I dare not complain because the universe is a jealous fickle beast.

Day 2 of my wash and go from last week

Day 3 of my wash and go from last week

Most wash and go queens report that they have better definition and less frizz when they apply their leave ins in the shower. Well, my wash and go from last week frizzed up sooner than I was expecting (around day 3-4) and when I did that last week. So this week---I went back to applying my leave ins outside of the shower. Proof that what works for gander---might not work for this goose. Ha-ha!

Here is what I used:

Pre-shampoo- DIY Moisturizing Mist (tutorial here) + Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner (review) (buy it)
Shampoo- Jessicurl Cleansing Cream (review)(buy it)
Henna TreatmentHow to use Lush Henna on Natural Hair
Deep Condition- Jessicurl Deep Treatment Conditioner (review)(buy it) + Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (buy it)
Clay Rinse- Here's the dets on my recipe
Leave-Ins- Castor Oil (buy it)+ Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner (review)(buy it)
Styler- Eco Styler Krystal Gel (buy it)

And here's how I did it:


I love my pre-shampoo sessions because they allow me to detangle/remove shed hair before I get into the shower plus it gives my hair an extra boost of either moisture or protein. I started by spraying my hair with my DIY moisturizing mist. If you haven't tried this recipe yet--WHAT ARE YOU WAITIN FOR?!?! It's not just moisturizing but it's an excellent detangler too! After I sprayed each section, I slathered on a little Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner. This conditioner has some of the best slip of any conditioner that I've ever used and the essential oils make my scalp feel happy.  I covered with a plastic cap and sat under the dryer for about 20 minutes.

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With my hair secured in about 7 sections (4 in the back and 3 in the front), I rinsed the conditioner then shampooed with Jessicurl Cleansing Cream (review here). I expected tangles and a week's worth of shed hair, but surprisingly the process was quick and tangle-free. Now that I'm shampooing more often, I'm thinking about trying out the Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo too. It's stupid cheap (like $4!) and if it's anything like the conditioner---it might be a winner! Have you tried it before?


Henna applications double the time that it takes to wash my hair. Ugh. But the results are sooo worth it. I applied my Lush Caca Rouge mixture to my freshly washed hair in sections, covered with cling film and let it sit for about 3 hours (one hour I spent under the dryer). You can read more about my latest excursion with henna here.

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Henna Results


After rinsing the henna for what felt like forever, I t-shirt dried for a few minutes then applied my FAVEEEE deep conditioner Jessicurl Deep Treatment (review here). Next, I layered on a little Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (shop it!) to seal in the conditioner. I covered with a plastic cap and sat under my dryer for about an hour. I wanted to make sure that my hair was moisturized after using the henna because it can make your hair feel a little dry. I rinsed the conditioner in the shower then did my Clay Rinse treatment. Clay rinsing defines my curls like no other treatment that I use. If you only try ONE thing from my regimen---clay rinsing is the one to try. Especially if you are having trouble getting your curls to clump and pop.

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Out of the shower, I applied my moisturizing leave in, Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner (why I love this stuff here) then sectioned off my hair to prep for applying the gel. I used the same exact technique from last week. Starting with the back, I spritzed it with water until it was soaking wet then finger detangled until my hair clumped into curls. Then I smoothed a little gel on the roots--but not on my scalp. Next, I raked a little more gel through all the way until the ends and gently shook out the curls. (aka the rake and shake technique)


The application process still takes me about 35-40 minutes to do. And because I didn't want to be waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting, and waiting some more, I decided to sit under my hooded dryer. Believe it or not--my hair was just about completely dry after an hour. Boom pow. No more air drying for this chica! Of course my roots were still a little damp. This just comes with the thicker than thieves hair that I have. I banded my hair using my new DIY Ribbon Elastic Hair Ties (tutorial coming soon!)

Ribbon Elastic Hair ties don't leave nearly has many ceases in my curls when I band, they are super comfortable and very very gentle on my hair. The next morning, all I had to do was remove the bands---which is super easy and doesn't cause breakage---shake my hair out a little then fluff.

I forgot to take pictures of my first and second day hair but this third day hair tho?!?!? I decided to pin my overgrown bangs up a little to get them above my eyes and rock this stretched curly fro.

Fro + Bangs? Shoot...y'all can't tell me NOTHING!

Let me know if y'all want a tutorial on how I pinned my bangs and got all this stupid crazy volume!

How was your #washdayexperience?


  1. Love love love your wash n go's.

    1. Same!! Such an easy, low manipulation style for the summer! If only my shrinkage would cooperate 😩

  2. 1) loving the Prince gif. Under the Cherry Moon is one of my favorite movies in all it's campiness. 2) I am going to have to stalk your wash days tips more. My curls are so tight that shrinkage gives me back a fro that's not very defined. 3) You are the fourth of fifth person I've seen consistently getting good results with jessicurl. I am going to have to add that to the wish list.

    1. Jessicurl is my EVERYTHING! I've used it for years---even back when my hair was relaxed and it was amazing. I've been trying wash and go's sporadically over the last year. So it definitely takes time to figure out/try different techniques to get your hair the moisture that it needs so that you wash and go works. All of that is to say: be patient with yourself and your hair. It will come!

  3. The curls are definitely poppin'! I love this style.

    1. Thanks Nerline! You're the world's best cheerleader!

  4. Your hair always looks amazing! I miss you girl!

    1. Thanks chica! OMGosh I miss you so much! We HAVE to catch up!

  5. Yayy I can see the tint from the henna application... I like your version of wash 'n go, that's what the hair journey is all about, doing what works best for your hair :-)

    1. Yay! Thanks Becca! I took a few photos outside that I plan to post soon that shows my henna color in natural light. Can't wait to share them with you guys!

  6. Love your wash and go with the bangs. I laughed when I read the goose comment, love your sense of humour.

    1. Hahahahaha! Thanks chica! Sometimes what works for everyone else just doesn't work for you. It happens and that's okay!

  7. Oh wow!!! Can I borrow your wash n go!!! 5-6 days!!!!

    1. Absolutely!!! I feel like Oprah:




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