Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2k13 Hair Goals

Watching the ball drop and flipping the calendar over into a different year just feels like the definitive start of something anew. Something better. Something happier. Everyone is making promises about what they intend to do differently this year. Whilst, I'm not really the resolution type, this year I've dubbed 2013 Year of You. I hope that you push the envelope, step out of your comfort zone and make reality dreams that you couldn't or wouldn't have imagined in 2012. Because I'm hair obsessed, only naturally, claro que si would a few of my 2013 goals be hair related. I want to turn my setbacks from 2012 into setups for success in 2013. 

Here are my 2013 Hair Goals:
  1. Length. After my shedding fiasco last spring, I want to implement some products or techniques to prevent shedding this year and hopefully I'll be MBL by the end of the year. 
  2. Trimming. I cut over 6 inches of my hair last year. This year, I hope to only micro-trim on relaxer days.
  3. Relaxing. I'm about 90% tex-laxed now. Last year, I stretched for 16-20 weeks a time. But I think that these super lengthy stretches may have caused more breakage than I'm comfortable with. This year, I want to reduce the number of weeks between relaxers to 12 and a max of 16 weeks.
  4. Moisture. Moisture. Moisture. I want to shop for a creamy moisturizing leave-in conditioner for daily moisturizing and sealing. Then I want to be sure to do an extreme deep condition at every wash day. (Extreme Deep conditioning layers an oil over the conditioner covered with a plastic cap and then under indirect heat for at least 30 minutes before rinsing with cool water)
  5. Journaling. I've maintained an offline healthy hair journal since 2010. I've considered blogging tons of times, but I'm a very private person. But I'm finally challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone. (With the help of my hair bestie and co-author of SOS Hair Kedya)
  6. Styling. This year I'm going to be all about the protective styling. Although, I love feeling my hair flowing in the wind, running after two little ones, makes that simply impractical most days. I want to create tons of go to styles for when I'm short on time. 
  7. Sweating. I know. This sounds bizarre, but I noticed that when I was on my workout grind, my hair grew like a weed! Plus, my body benefited too! I want to commit to at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes.
What are your goals (hair and not hair related) for 2013?

Un mil besitos

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