Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Too Relax....Or Not...

Hola Luvs

I have been thinking about relaxing my new growth sooner than later...I have stretched for 4 months (close to five) in the previous year /s. This is good but I think to retain my length/growth (from last year epic breakage situation :( ) I should probably relax sooner than later ...until my hair is ready/able to stretch again... I am at least 7 weeks post relaxer .. So, it would be now or later...

What are your thoughts? Think I should take the plunge or hold fast?

Thoughts and comments welcomed!




  1. That's the million dollar question: when or even if you should relax.

    KLP dices: I've noticed that the two biggest reasons I get the urge to forgo stretching is because (1) I start to see breakage at the line of demarcation (the place where your relaxed hair meets your unrelaxed hair) or (2) I feel that I need to use heat to blend my two textures.

    To curb breakage, once I'm 5-6 weeks post relaxer, I add a little more protein into my wash days to fortify my hair.

    To blend my two textures, I start experimenting with different braids, buns, and other protective styles that don't require me to have my roots flat and sleek. Hey--if you can't beat it; you might as well roll with it!

    Hold fast if you can make it!

  2. I am going to hold fast! I will prob spiral my hair next wash and I will def add more protien.

  3. Good for you!! *proud bestie tear drops*


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