Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Wash Day After Relaxer!

Hola Chicas!

Sidebar: I think this wash went really well, and I decided to stay away from heat. I have also made my very own/first essential oil mixture! I took alot of notes from KLP when deciding what I wanted within this beautiful concoction. I shall post soon about my experience of mixing concoctions!

I detangled with the MAGIC COMB! I must say...KLP is right! :D

(1) Prepoo: Warm essential oil mixture on scalp and Organix Intense Moisturizing Treatment Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil on length of my hair.. I like this line...

(2)  Shampooed first with Suave pH balance shampoo (chelating shampoo) to wash more of my relaxer out then I shampooed with PM Wild Ginger

(3) Black Tea Rinse: I used two bags and two cups of water. I decided to skip out on any type of protien treatment (normally with 2 min Aphogee..till I use the bottle lol and can return to nexxus!) this wash.

My leave-ins
(4) Deep Condition: I used my fave, Baba de Caracol (and with some help from KLP), I also placed a little CHI Silk Infusion on my hair...just to see how it would turn out! I also plan on rotating another moisturizing deep conditioner into my regimen..I just can't decide for a solid second after baba...ummm...we shall see!

(7) Leave-ins: Aphogee with Keratin, Organix Anti-Breakage Coconut Serum and Super Skinny Serum... I had like 3 strands of shedding literally!!..and I checked shower! NADA! :D

(8) Air Dried my hair...I decided to go NO heat! I liked the texlaxed style of my hair...it is pretty wavy when dry..(and manageable for now lol) soo I did some twists and bun for a cute wavy do!

My hair after it was washed! :D

Any ideas on a good go-to DC to be rotated in?



  1. How did you like your essential oil blend? I totally have Organix Anti-Breakage Coconut Serum on my to buy list!

  2. I LOVE IT!! I can let you have some next time we see each other :) hopefully SOON! And I really like it... I added peppermint to mine...and it has such a nice tingly feeling lol

    1. When it starts to tingle--that's when you know that it's working! How did you like the Baba de Caracol + Silk Infusion deep condition?

  3. Ooh good to see that you use the baba de caracol conditioner. I own it, but have yet to use it because I see so few reviews. What do you like about it? I may just have to try it soon :-)


    1. Jenna--my darling---let me tell you something: MY HAIR LOVES BABA DE CARACOL! I could, would, and have screamed it from the rooftops. Snail slime? yuck! Baba de Caracol? Yummy! Thanks for a reminder to do a review on it!

    2. Ooo yess.. im surprised we have not posted review... I have not turned back lol i luvsss it :)


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