Saturday, February 16, 2013

SOS: Protective Styling--Twisted Bun

I love protective styling, but I've always found it difficult to come up with styles that suit my big fluffy air dried tresses. I usually resort to a high bun with a cute head band or accessory and call it a day. Well, this week I was feeling sassy and wanted to change it up a little. I think that this style is super easy and takes just minutes to whip up. I. Heart. Simple. Sophisticated. Spicy. Protective. Styles.

Quick How to: 
  1. Detangle and moisturize your hair.
  2. Part your hair from ear to ear then split this section on a sharp diagonal from front to back. Pin away. (I usually finger part)
  3. Gather all of your hair in the back into a semi high bun.
  4. Tightly flat twist (braid or double strand twist) the right section from crown to ear. Extend the twist down to the ends, then wrap the ends counterclockwise around bun. (if your hair doesn't quite make it around the bun, just use hair pins to secure it.)
  5. Repeat with the left section of hair. Wrapping the ends clockwise around the bun.
  6. Add some spice with with a cute hair accessory. 

Un mil besitos!

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