Saturday, February 02, 2013

Relieve Itchy Flaky Scalp Fast!

For the better part of 10 years, I suffered with extremely itchy, flaky scalp. Most times, even after I washed my hair and scrubbed my scalp, by the time that I got to style my hair, I would have flakes again. This Stimulating Essential Oil blend is inspired by an article that I read in Latina a few years ago, but it's tried and oh so true! No matter if you're relaxed or natural, this recipe is all about healthy hair. The best part is that you can treat your scalp and moisturize your hair at the same time. 

Although the essential oils are optional, I strongly recommend using essential oils because I just love the stimulating refreshing detoxifying qualities that they give. Peppermint invigorates and refreshes your scalp. While, rosemary acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to soothe itchiness. Eucalyptus is antimicrobial, revitalizing, and clarifying. Start with 5-10 drops of each essential oil to see how it feels on your scalp. If the scent is overpowering, next time use 2-3 drops of each essential oil. Or as you get customized to the sensation, you can add a few drops more. Remember to always use essential oils with a carrier oil such as the ones listed below. Natural oils are highly concentrated and should not be used directly on the scalp.  

I use a variation (it just depends on what I have on hand at the time) of this blend during my pre-poo sessions on wash days. 

Stimulating Essential Oil Hair Blend Ingredients: 
5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
5 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
5 drop Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Vitamin E
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Sunflower Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Do you have a favorite stimulating oil blend?
Un mil besitos!


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  1. Great post! I'm going to try this. These essential oils also encourage hair growth.


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