Monday, February 11, 2013

Touch-up - 8 to 9 weeks Post Last

Hola Chicas!

So, I finally "caved" lol and did a touch up! I must say I feel 10 times lighter and I have noticed more length. I think I will continue to not stretch so far so I can retain more length in my hair :) we shall see how it goes...

I used Optimum Hair Care Salon Relaxer Kit! It even included a moisturizer and I must admit my hair was not super hard afterwards...I did do a ACV rinse after, just to be safe! I also clipped my ends but I am debating having a cut! IDK...what would you do? I am happy with my length but I am getting more and more tempted to do a BIG chop! uhmmmm

My Reality!

Back View

Side View


  1. I love how healthy your ends look!!!
    I'm tempted to big chop my hair as well
    I'll try to transition from relaxed to texlaxed hair then texlaxed to natural cause i'm not sure I can handle my hair that short
    but beautiful relaxer !!


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