Saturday, February 16, 2013

Uh Oh! It's Valentine's Day/Weekend and I'm SINGLE :)

Hola Chicas! 

Do not PANIC or HATE! hehe It is absolutely wonderful to be single during Valentine's day. I never understood the anti-valentine's day or just eating ice cream alone type of day. I have newly become single and I thought to what should I do..then it dawned on me! Sex and the City are my three steps to having the perfect date by and for yourself to show LOVE on Valentine's day! 

1. Get dolled up! Dress up over the top..Get your Beyonce on! For no reason...Just because you are fabulous. :) 

2. Get a pedicure/manicure or just one (depending on funds.. get a massage!) Just get pampered!

3. Go watch that movie you've been dying to see! YEsss...ALONE! Don't knock it till you try it! Even while in a relationship..I always enjoyed films by myself :D Go see SAFE HAVEN (loved it!) or Hansel & Gretal!

End your night by ordering carry out from your fave restaurant! (Famous Daves for this gal! lol) And enjoy a night of watching "Life is but a dream: Beyonce" or reading your fave book!

There is nothing wrong with having "ME" time and showing some love to yourself! Do this whenever you need you time and not just on Valentine's day!



How did you spend vday?


P to the S... I still love my couples! :D

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