Monday, April 15, 2013

Healthy Hair Insight: Daily Moisturizing Tea Treatment Experiment

Tea Spritz, JessiCurl Too Shea!, & Argan Oil

Healthy Hair & Tea: A Match Made In Heaven?

I've been faithful to tea rinsing for about 4 months now in an attempt to prevent the shedding that caused me to loose a couple of inches last Spring. I can say without doubt that tea rinsing has decreased my shedding; It's also made me wonder--if a spritz of tea on my scalp daily could decrease my shedding even more? This brillant idea hit me as Keyda and I penned our Your Hair On: Tea Rinses post a few weeks ago. I was already deep into my stretch and I didn't want to experiment with 2 inches of super curly roots, because breakage is a long term stretcher's worst enemy. I feared that the tea would dry out my hair, cause reversion, and could increase SSKs. Unconsidering that my stretch had been uneventful, why fix it if it ain't broke?

Let the experimenting roll!
Last wash day, I put my fears aside, I decided to start an experiment applying tea as a leave-in using the LOC method of moisturizing. LOC- Liquid, Oil, Cream simply refers to the order in which you apply your leave-in products. Daily, in sections, I finger detangled, sprayed my hair with green tea, applied argan oil, and then sealed with Jessicurl's Too Shea Conditioner. Now, this is my right time using the LOC method. I'm a moisturize with a cream/seal with an oil kind of girl. So, just getting the hang of the new order of operations will take some time to sit right. I thought that the products would cause a build up on my hair, it didn't. I thought that my hair would feel weighed down, it didn't. I thought that my hair might feel dried out; it didn't. In fact, after a week of moisturizing with tea then washing, my hair felt AMAZING. Silky. Smooth. Soft. Straightening took no time.I had no shed hairs in the shower and very very little while flat ironing.

While I can't call this experiment exactly scientific and I won't call daily tea spritzing "the best ever!" just yet, I am encouraged enough by the results from my first week to try it again for a week after my next wash. To be sure that the benefits were from the tea, I plan to change my moisturizing cream to Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Split End Protector for a week, then change the sealing oil to grapeseed for a week. Y claro que sí, I'll share my first impressions in the next weeks and then after a month, I'll do a final wrap up.

Would you ever consider using tea as a daily moisturizer?

Un mil besitos!



  1. Before I would say no to trying this. I've done a green tea rinse twice I think now. The first time my hair felt so soft but the second time, not so much. It may have been due to other factors, like the conditioner or shampoo I used maybe. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try seeing as you had such positive results this time. Can't wait to read your next update on this experiment!

    1. I had an awful time with black tea the first time that I used it. I think that it had something to do with the shampoo that I used that wash day.

      Stay tuned for the next update. Maybe moisturizing daily instead of rinsing on wash days would be a better alternative.


  2. I really want to try this too! This makes me want to try it even more

    Mixed Beauty


    1. I'm so amped about the week 1 results. I just pray that it wasn't a fluke!

      Thanks for your comments!

  3. I shall wait until your experiment ends....but I am tempted! :)

    1. Espera por favor! If this was a fluke, I'd die if it caused another chica hair-ache!

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