Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reader Q&A

Updated: 5.21.2013

Internal Healthy Body Support
Q: Do have recommendations on supplements or tried made any dietary changes to increase hair growth? 
A: Great question. However, I think that I have a complicated answer. I've never taken supplements (pills) specifically designated to "increase hair growth." This isn't to say that I haven't thought about it! Creo que todas las chicas pensado en eso. I think that all of us have thought about it! The only reason that I haven't gone through with it is because I've been with child or nursing for my entire hair journey. (I have two little ones, 3 and 1) Plus, I'm petrified of the possible side effects. (More hair in places other than my head, more breakouts, more migranes or a serious allergic reaction) I do, however, take 2 gummy multivitamins and 1 prenatal vitamin (my youngest is nursing). Diet-wise: I'm all about water, carrots, and greens. I've been drinking 1/2- 1 gallon of water daily for weeks now. I also faithfully swig my carrot juice (I even like the taste now), and I have a green salad (think spinach, kale, romaine, arugula, or broccoli) daily. None of these things, I do solely for hair growth purposes. Which is the cool thing about attempting to take care of you. One small change for the better pays it forward in other areas of your life.  

Before considering a supplement, think on the reasons why your hair is unhealthy. Is it your external practices or could it be an internal issue that you need to speak with your doctor about?

After my first 5k
Q: You seem equally obsessed with working out and longer hair. Isn't that like trying to mix oil and water? Why spend so much time with your hair only to ruin it by sweating?
A: Obsessed? Well maybe a little! Ha-ha! Succeeding in areas of life where others have said that I would fail repetitively, makes me ridiculously happy. While pregnant with my first child, I gained 53 lbs. I remember telling my husband, "I hope that this little girl is 50lbs when she's born." Ha-ha! She wasn't---she was 8lbs 3oz---and the rest was me. I thought that the weight would just fall off; it didn't. I didn't recognize myself in mirror and decided that I wasn't going to complain about it anymore. I put in work; lost the weight plus some in about 10 months. Exercising became a way of life and I really love it now.

When I was a kid, my brothers would tease me and call me Simba because my hair was sooooo big when I had to wash it. It would grow, break, shed---grow, break, shed. I decided to make a change, put in the work, and nurture my hair so that it would continue to grow, but not break and I work to curb shedding.

Viola! Fit body; healthy hair. They can coincide. My hair does get frizzy at the gym and I'll take pride in pulling it up into a big 'ol messy bun! Plus sweat isn't the enemy. Check out our Your Hair On Series: Sweat edition

Thanks for the questions guys!  


  1. i think veggies are great for everyone! i have tried a couple of hair supplements but i think water is the best :) it really is fun to succeed even when people say you won't. exercise is awesome, keep up the good work!

    1. I think that when it comes down to it I'm just too chicken (and cheap) to try hair supplements. Ha-ha!

      Thanks for following Galaxia!


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