Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SOS Poll : To Cut or To Lengthen!

Hola Chicas!

As I have stated in my wash day post... I face an important decision...I plan on getting my touch up in roughly 2-3 weeks (bachelorette party early may lol sooo I gotta be fly!) and I may cut! I do not need to cut for health (altho it is always good to have a snip for health every now and again) but more soo just because I want something different! KLP thinks I should get bangs and call it a day... Im still at a toss up sooo we both decided to see what you chicas have to say! Help a sistah out! Should I just trim/bangs or just go for the cut!? Here are two pictures...one of me with short hair (similar to what I want) and one with my flowing hair lol....which do you think!?

I was laughing lol

Cute right!?
 Ladies....Which one!?



  1. Don't cut; just get the bangs or you could use extensions for the bangs so that when you get bored, you can switch back.

  2. I agree with Abena! Don't cut. Trim the length and snip the bangs!

  3. Whatever you feel more comfortable with but bangs will definitely be a change...good luck

  4. Don't cut maybe you could use clip on bangs instead

  5. Don't cut, if you can get clip on bangs, or somn of that nature then do that.

  6. KLP wins! lol ... I shall prob get some bangs....altho I never thought of clip on bangs!? ...uhmmm (thinking...)..Thanksss Chicas!! :D

  7. Don't cut--yeah maybe some bangs and that's a maybe.

  8. Ok, clearly I am biased, my blog is called "Longing 4 Length" after all, lol but don't cut!!! Like everyone has said, try bangs (cut or clip ons) or even colored clip ins for a change!


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