Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wash Day -- 10 weeks post!

Before...Hot mess! lol
Some tidbits: This stretch has been looooooooooonggggggg... I am sooo ready for my touch up! :) I had a very smooth wash day that was a semi-mini wash day. I am right now at a cross roads..........I really REALLY want to cut my hair. Yesss...I know...whaattt!? whyyy!?...I just want to do something fun and I missss my short hair lol...it is sooo freeing lol..IDK...This is a tough decision that I must make within these two weeks before my next touchup. I have been weighing the decision...I give swim lessons over summer time...soo the short hair is looking more like a winner but I do love to whip my hair! lol What would you do!?

(1) Detangled my lioness looking hair lol with my fingers then magic comb!

(2) Prepoo/DC: I placed my Essential Oil Mix/JBCO on my scalp... and Biolage Matrix Conditioning Balm and grapeseed oil on length of my hair. Sat under heat for 30 mins then chilled around house.

(3) CoWashed my scalp (mainly) with Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner (Review Coming)... My scalp felt soooo clean and fresh...it was just sooo delightful lol

(4) Tea Rinse with CC's Naturals Lavender & Chamomile ...yummmyy :D I massaged some Nexxus Hydralight Moisture Conditioner (Check my review!)  in my hair and let it sit for a bit then washed it out...Soooooo SOFT!

(5) Air Dried about 80% then placed my leave-ins ..Nexxus Hydralight Root Mist (Check my review!) all over, tad-bit Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea (focus on ends), and sealed with Organix Coconut Anti-breakage Serum.

Leave ins
Braids with Flexi-rods
I followed tips from our SOS Hero Adrienne from Age in Atl ..Loving MY Hair! blog (thankss girl!) and braided my hair then placed flexi-rods at ends. I also wanted to experiment with putting a little Aphogee Style & Wrap Mousse on my strands before braiding.

My hair reality: I loved the results! :D My hair was extra curly/wavy with a little umhph! cuz of the flexi-rods! And this braid-out seems like it shall last a lot longer than my previous ones...not sure if it is because of the mousse or flexi-rods tho!


What you think!?



  1. I love the curly ends! Braid outs are totally the way to go when you get bored with air dried up-dos! *Work chica*

  2. Sweet braid-out! Loving the result.

  3. wish my braidouts turned out this good! very nice!


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