Monday, April 08, 2013

[Haistyle] Two Strand Twist Updo | Wash Day

Notes: This wash day was long over due. I had a super busy weekend, full of traveling and events that I wanted my hair sleek and straight for. So, instead of using direct heat twice, I just didn't wash. Gross. A bad idea---my scalp hated me after day 8. But it was worth it. Ha-ha! On to my much needed wash day.

(0) Detangled with mMagic Star Jumbo Rake in vertical sections. Detangling took mere seconds versus 30-45 minutes on my 15 weeks post relaxer hair.  
(1) Extreme Deep Condition: Applied Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner and my essential oil blend to my scalp, JBCO, and Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner to the length of my hair. Then I coated my strands with argan oil, covered with a plastic cap  and the sat under my heating cap for a couple of hours emptying my DVR.

(2) Tea Rinse with 2 green tea bags and 2 cups of water in a narrow tip applicator bottle. I let the rinse sit on my hair for about 5 minutes.
(3) Smoothing Treatment- Then I massaged Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment into my hair (without rinsing the tea first) and let sit for about 5 minutes. I rinsed with cool water. 
(4) Air dry- I let my hair dry 85% in a cotton t-shirt. Next, I detangled and add my leave-ins. 
(5) Leave-ins- This week I decided to start an experiment applying tea as a leave-in using the LOC method of moisturizing. LOC- Liquid, Oil, Cream simply refers to the order in which you apply your leave-in products. In sections, I detangled, sprayed my hair with green tea, applied argan oil, and then sealed with Jessicurl's Too Shea Conditioner (that I won in the Love My Hair Giveaway! Thanks again Age!)  I'll chat more about this experiment at the end of the week. 

Results: Beautifully moisturized and soft, big fluffy hair and very little shed hair. Detangling was absolutely a breeze. My first impressions of the Jessicurl's Too Shea Conditioner: Meh--I.hate.the.scent. Its not overpowering, extremely floral or perfumey. It smells "earthy"--honestly---It smells like wet dirt to me. However, It absorbed well, its not oily, and the ingredients make me feel like its a miracle in a bottle. I'll definitely use the bottle and then post a complete review. This wash day was fairly un-eventful, which is to be expected at 1 week post relaxer. I'm ecstatic to be back to mini washes. Jumping in and out of the shower can be uber annoying at times.  

Back to heat free Minute to Win it styling for me.  This is my take on Keyda's French Braid style. If you guys want a tutorial---just let me know! 

How was your wash day?

Un mil besitos!



  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooo CUTE! :D I luvsss it!! I shall be trying that out!

  2. Cut hair. I need to get better at twisting and braiding.

    1. Start with twists and then work your way up to braids. They definitely keep me from getting bored with up-dos! Thanks for following!

  3. Loving this style girl! I need to start trying some of them.

    1. Please do! It feels great to have my hair feel "done" (aka styled) and its not just pin straight.

  4. I totally agree about the smell. Jessicurl needs to do something about that! When you get deeper into your stretch, you will really appreciate it! The slip and moisture it provides to the NG is crazy! Great wash day post. It reminds me that I need to start back doing BTRs.

    1. Thanks Age. I have the same issue with Carol's Daughter Hair Balm. The ingredients are to die for but the smell is just awful to me. Other than the smell, my first impressions with Jessicurl has been really great. A spritz of green tea + Jessicurl + Argan oil has my hair so soft!

  5. cute style. I'll try it but I lay my edges like a beast LOL! Sad I know. I usually use gel which I rinse out at night but lately I'm liking Lotta Body Control Me Edge Gel. It's just a sample and I won't purchase it because it has parabens. So I'll just enjoy the sample :-)


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