Saturday, May 11, 2013

13 weeks post! Touchup with Stylist!

Hola Chicas!

I have been super busyyy but I am in love with KLP styles! I did a few also but I touched up my hair at the end of this week... for a bachelorette partayyy!! and a wedding coming soon ....I did have one mini wash and a full wash in the weeks I did not post...However, I plan on posting regularly again! I visited my sister's stylist...and she got a little scissor happy :/ ...Altho, I need a cut due to my previous bob..the length in my back was uneven...and I had some dead ends...She went shorter then I wanted...So, I prob will have to rethink using her in future when it comes to my cuts lol seriously tho!
However, My hair was style lovely...she used similar products to my hair loved her! She was definitely good styling but I do NOT like scissor happy individuals especially when I know it could not have been that bad! lol

Relaxer: Mizani Sensitive Scalp

Deep Conditioner: Biolage Matrix Conditioning Balm

I forgot to ask what the leave-in was but it was a delight! :)

Hair Tidbits: I had probably 2 inches or more of new growth and all of my hair was pretty healthy. I just needed my back to be more even. She also gave me some layers which I like but I am not used to it being this short. However, I know my hair shall grow and it will all be better lol :) I shall rock this style! I will post some sleek styles I do this weekend/week...and I look forward to adding some bun effect styles! (If it can make it into a bun!)


May 2013 (Layered)

Feb 2013

Let's pray it does not take an eternity for me to get back to where I was! But hey, I am a swim instructor sooooo this could be for the best! I plan on posting about hair care for summer swimming :D

I can not wait to still some of KLP's Bun Effect Styles! :D



  1. Oh wow! She did get scissor happy! Definitely would not be going back to her, it really did not look like you needed that much cut. Wow!
    The layers are very cute though. You'll be back to where you were in no time.

    1. Yupsssss... she will be last resort in future!

  2. The layers are cute & your hair looks great. Yes she was tripping, cutting all of that hair out of your head, but it will definitely grow back so no worries. Looking forward to those swimming posts, I plan to get out on the lake this summer so I'll need some assistance.

    1. Thankss.. Yea, I love the layers..but I shall get used to it...And I've been teaching swim classes for the last two years soooo I have had to perfecctt my regimen lol

  3. Beautiful layers but I'm totally shocked that she cut so much. DIY until you find a new stylist! The good news is that you can grow from here on out without fussing over any thinner sections. *silver lining*


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