Saturday, May 04, 2013

Salon Wash Day

I haven't let a stylist lather up my hair since 2011. Mainly because I enjoy doing my hair myself, but mostly because I just don't trust them! I get tangles easily, I'm tender headed, and I hate it when a stylist thinks that they know the hair on my head better than I do. I'm just too particular! However, when chatting with my sorority sister about the details of her wedding, I realized that there was no way that I would have time to do my own hair in the midst of everything else going on. I was going to need to outsource. *hangs head* 

My sorority sister is heat straightened natural and also quite particular about her hair, so I knew whomever she choose for her hair, would be a-okay for mine. After a lot of research, she settled on June Lankford of Personally Yours Healthy Hair. June is a freelance stylist and she also works in Richmond, Virginia's Allure Salon. Before, June got her hands into my hair, I watched her work magic on my sister's hair the day before. Although, June used more heat than I would have preferred, she did one thing the one thing that every great stylist does: She listened. She listened to my sister's concerns, she allowed my sister to send her tons of pics of the styles that she wanted, and she asked questions. I just knew that June was going to be a winner!

Here's how my wash and style went: 

(0) Detangled. June detangled my hair with a seamless comb similar to the Hercules Sagemann HS1975 Styling Comb. I actually didn't care for this at all. She separated my hair into four sections, but I really prefer and actually offered her my Magic Star Jumbo Rake. She politely declined and said that her comb was doing a great job. She didn't start at the ends like I would have done and she didn't work in smaller sections, as I would have done. Nonetheless, I got a glance at her comb and only saw a few stands in the teeth. Ay...mi culpa...Maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought. *shrugs---for now* Ha-ha!
(1) Shampoo. June lathered my hair up twice with Influance Hydrating Shampoo. I'd never heard of this product line. She told me that it was the best line that she's used for natural/textured hair. Trust and believe that this chica will be researching this ASAP.
(2) Condition. June used good old KeraCare Humecto to condition my hair. She applied a big dollop then used the same comb to detangle my hair. Meh--I wasn't a fan of this either. I got a glance at the hair in the comb---it was about two times the size of my usual shed hair. I just not a fan of small teethed combs + wet detangling for my hair.
Salon Leave-ins

(3) Blow Dry. I almost never blow dry my hair. But with the wedding just a few hours away, there is no way that I would have let my hair air dry. June blow dried my hair with a decent sized comb attachment. My head hasn't seen a blow dryer with a comb attachment since high school, so I was apprehensive, but June zipped through my hair. She probably asked me 30 times if I was okay. Ha-ha! I'm just glad that she worked fast. 
(4) Flat iron. When June whipped out a BaByliss PRO Nano iron, I almost fainted. How long have I wanted to use one of these irons? Umm...FOREVER! Then with one pass to straighten and one more to curl, not only were my roots ridiculously smooth, but my hair was immaculately shiny. 
(5) Styled. June created a low bun using Influance Glazed Edges to smooth and hold my edges, applied Influance Shine Spray for shine, and a tad of Chi Enviro Flex Hold Hair Spray to finish the look. She then curled my swooped bang. For more details on how she created this look, check out our The Bun Effect: 30 in 30 Day 4 post

My sorority sister loved the look and quite honestly, that's all that mattered. I'd definitely recommend June to anyone looking for a professional, highly qualified stylist in the Southern Virginia area. If I had to do it all over again, I would have moisturized and detangled my hair prior to getting the service. (I completely forgot in the midst of all of my running around for the wedding) I think that would have helped prevent some of the rough detangling that she did. I also would have requested that she use my magic rake. Real talk---small teeth combs are the devil. Ha-ha! I would have also asked her to use a heat protectant. (She might have used something that I missed though) While, I'll probably never again blow dry my hair with an attachment. Her technique allowed her to work though my hair really fast and in my mind I feel that the speed lessened the heat damage. *Eeek* I've totally started a BaByliss PRO Nano savings account and have added it to my wish list (Just in case my hubby is reading this. Thanks in advance boo!) Now---these Influance products, especially that edge cream, I just need to learn more about. June mentioned that these products are sold by distributors only but there might be one in my local area. That edge cream wasn't sniff or greasey. Held like no body's business. And left no residue. I think it's love!

I asked June what recommendations she had for me on my hair. Ay dios, I sure cringed when she told me that I needed to keep my roots moisturized to prevent breakage and add ease in detangling. Ugh! I knew that! Every time that I attempt to go to bed before moisturizing and sealing my hair, I'll replay June's words in my head then get my tired self back up to give my hair some love. 

How was your wash day? When was the last time that you went to the salon for a pro-wash?

Un mil besitos!


  1. I so feel you on this post! I get "tired" just at the thought of getting my hair washed at the salon. I don't currently own a hooded dryer (planning a purchase soon) so if I need a roller set done under a hooded dryer I get it done at the salon five minutes away from me which is also my braiding salon. Thankfully I have trained the girl who does my roller sets on exactly how i want it done and she is yet to disappoint me. I go in with pre washed, deep conditioned, moisturized and detangled hair so all she does is roller set I even carry my own spray bottle lol! Your hair came out lovely!

    1. You know what---Lydz---I thought about just washing, deep conditioning, and detangling my hair before she got there. But I didn't want to be insulting. Plus, that's half of what I was paying her for! Ha-ha! If I was going to do it myself---I might as well style it too!

      All in all, she did a great job with my style and that bun that she created was something fierce! I wish that I could have watched her pin it up.

      Thanks for commenting!


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