Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Approaching: SOS Swim Hair

Ready for Summer Fun!
Time for some Summer Fun! I just got the "Just keep Swimming...Just Keep Swimming ...Swimming..." lol Stuck in my head... And everyone knows the movie right!? (Imma be upset if nobody says the right movie lol)

Like I shared in my previous post, I have had to "master" (still perfeccting definitely) my hair care regimen during the summer because I am a SWIM INSTRUCTOR! :) I get to be held on for dear life by 5 year olds....jumped on from behind by 7 year olds who think their drowning....and occasionally kicked in the stomach as these children perfeccttt their free style lol .... all in all.. those floaties come off and there are some strong swimmers made! haha ... anyhoooo...I know many of you chicas will be swimming lotss or at some point this summer sooooo as promised here are some tips to keeping your hair strong and healthy!!

Swim Hair Tips:

A. Proper Attire: I know... I know...They are not cute...but swim caps can help keep the amount of chlorine/salt water/whatever to a minimum if you wear them. However, I understand that you may just want to look cute lol... So, if you are a frequent swimmer like me...then a swim cap is a MUST! If you are just going on vacay, I recommend braiding or pinning your hair up and away. Try your best to not just ponytail because that will cause ALOT of damage. I have also realized that braiding my hair then going thru the process....makes a cute braid-out :) while on vacay!

B. Moisture...Moisture: You should already be working on that protein-moisture balance but when it comes to swimming...increase the moisture! Chlorine has drying properties that will just make your hair ekkkkyyy ...soo you want to keep moisture in your strands. You want to make sure you do not skip moisturizing your hair on a swim day. Throughout this will notice I go back to moisture!

C. Leave-in Conditioner: I would recommend putting your leave-in conditioner in your hair as a barrier before swimming. You could put swim cap over or just go in! If you do not have one, you can try Ion Swimmers Leave -In

D. Rinsing then Wash: Always... ALWAYS... Do a quick rinse at the pool shower after swimming...Get that stuff out! lol ...Never skip out on that... Then you can head home or to your hotel room for the full on wash!

E. Swim Shampoo: I like to basically "clarify" my hair weekly, since I swim every day. I will sometimes wash every other week depending on my hair. If you are on vacation, I would recommend this if you have no plans to continue jumping in the water. These shampoos should not be used on a daily basis! Here is a good one, Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three ...I have also read review but have not used yet..  Ion Swimmers Shampoo

F. The Process: After washing your hair with a swim shampoo, wash with your moisturizing shampoo...then deep condition and away... #noheatftw! If you are a frequent swimmer, I highly recommend little to no heat... to be honest, during swim lesson season, my hair rarely sees a flat iron :( lol ...I braid my hair alot over summer!

Co-washing is your friend! (Or KLP's Mini-wash process!) If you are a frequent swimmer or want to travel lightly, co washing is the best way to help get rid of chlorine and keep your hair moisturized.

Last tip.. Always pay attention to your ends! They will let you know if you need to cut back on that swimming!

Hope these tips helped! Have fun swimming ladies!!




  1. Finding Nemo!I do most of the things you mentioned apart from the swim cap can't stand them and I use coconut oil instead of a leave in conditioner. Great tips!

  2. Yayy! .. I have not tried coconut oil! I shall give that a try! Thankss for mentioning!

  3. Great tips! I was a swim instructor too and I chuckled at your opening paragraph. I remember almost being drowned myself trying to save a child from drowning! I got clawed, gripped, stepped on...sigh. To be honest, adult swim lessons are WORSE!!! I definitely enjoyed it though. I definitely used a swimming cap. They are definitely ugly, but I didn't care! I would wet my hair, apply a conditioner or oil and braid it up.

    1. Yesss.. I do not even accept adults lol...I stick with the kiddies! :) And yesss swim capss are not a fashionista bff lol but my hair is thankful!

  4. Great tips! I'll be hitting the pool real soon and I haven't quite decided whether I should braid my hair up or just wesr my fro. Either way I'll be putting some of these intro practise :)


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