Friday, May 17, 2013

The Bun Effect: 30 in 30 (Day 17)

Vintage Bang & Bun

I have a (not so secret now) love of all things multipurpose, simple, and timeless.Things are the charateristics that I see when I look at 1940s-50s hair styles. They are a little extra, ooze glamour, and totally Betti Page! 

Quick How to:
  1. Detangle and moisturize hair. (I started with a 2 day old bantu knot set.)
  2. Split the front of your hair into a large triangle. Using a rat (like this one by Hair Art), roll your hair very tightly forward. Pin the ends of the rat so that it looks like an "U" using bobby pins. You'll want to criss-cross your pins for extra security.
  3. Spread your hair along the rat to cover. You may want to spritz with a little hair spray if you want extra holding power. 
  4. My hair rebelled against a high bun on this day, so I created 2 flat twists on each side then pinned the remaining hair up into a bun. 

 Besitos chicas!


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