Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Bun Effect: 30 in 30 (Day 23)

Fistail Giant Top Knot

Inspired by Keyda's Upside down French Braid Bun, I attempted to recreate it and failed miserably. My fingers just couldn't get the hang of french braiding upside down. Then I felt a little light headed from 10 minutes with my head upside down. Ha-ha. Beauty is pain---or so they say. Finally, I settled on a fishtail braid because it was so much easier and called for a little less manipulation. 

Quick How To: 
  1. Detangle and moisturize hair. 
  2. Split hair ear to ear. Clip front half up and away.
  3. Bend down so the back half of hair is upside down. 
  4. Fishtail braid hair starting at nape working up. Braid to the ends.
  5. Gather all of hair until a giant messy bun. 
Secret tip: Hide any imperfections with a cute hair accessory. Ha-ha! I rocked this style on an excursion with the hubby and kiddos to the beach. Even though it was in the high 70s, the water was freezing! I was so glad that my hair was up and out of the way because I crushed my hubby in badminton! He claimed that the sun was in his eyes. *Side eye!*


  1. Well it looks lovely! I love how yours turned out! CUTE!

    1. Thanks doll! I'm sure that if I wasn't 8 weeks post relaxer then the fishtail braid would have had more definition. *shrugs* on well!


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