Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Bun Effect: 30 in 30 (Day 28)

Side French Twist with a Twist

Oh how I do adore this look! I only got a chance to wear it on errands but I received tons of compliments. I can't wait to wear this one for a special occasion.  

Quick How To: 
  1. Moisturize and detangle hair. (This style was performed on air dried hair)
  2. Create a side part then separate hair ear to ear.
  3. Pull the left side across the back of your head. Secure with a pin. Repeat with the left side.
  4. Divide the back into four sections. Grab the first section closer to your ear and create a large finger curl, then use a pin to secure. Repeat on the next two sections, staggering the finger curls. To create the side twist.
  5. Double strand twist the remaining section then pull it across the top of your side french twist. Use a pin to tuck it into the opening of the curl on the opposite side.
Besitos Chicas!



  1. This one is super cute!


    1. Thanks Chantelle! It's definitely one of my favorites from the series

  2. I need to give some of these buns a go :)


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