Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Bun Effect: 30 in 30 (Day 7)

French Roll Pin Back

French Rolls were vogue back in the early 90s. I remember--on more than one occasion---my mother coming home from her stylist/bff's house with a tight, coiffed, french roll. Every hair was slicked back in place and sometimes she would put sparkly accents in the roll when she wanted to be really fancy. Needless to say, I never wanted a french roll. Ha-ha! (Y'all know how that is when you're a kid and trying to rebel!) Now, here I am some years later bringing it back (kinda...) Ha-ha! This style could be placed in the Minute to Win it category because it takes just just under 5 minutes to prep and pin. 

Quick How to:
  1. Detangle and moisturize your hair.
  2. Split from ear to ear. Part the front section into a deep side part. Pull the largest section (only) towards your face then flat twisting starting at the roots and down to the ends. (This will take a little practice)
  3. Flip the twist back then secure with a bobby pin in the direction of your opposite ear.
  4. Pull all of the rest back as if you were fashioning a pony tail. Fold the ends in, then tuck and roll your hair in towards your head vertically.  
  5. Secure the top, bottom, and sides of the roll with pins. 
I prefer most of my styling to have a messy, casual look so I skip hair spray and taming my edges with product. However, if you want a cleaner look, apply a holding spray to your hair before pulling into the roll, smooth with a comb and be sure to carefully line the pins vertically for a polished poise. If you'd like to add more volume and height to your roll, Sally's has a neat French Roll Hair Styler that you can wrap your hair around. I have one, but I haven't quite figured out how to use it properly. If you have ideas---some them my way!

This 30 in 30 series is definitely starting to grow on me!


Un mil besitos!  


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