Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Bun Effect: 30 in 30 (Day 1)

Keyda and I are challenging ourselves to (re)create 30 fun and fabulous buns, up-dos, and braids every day in the month of May. To get the most bang for our buck, most of these protective styles will be created on heat free (when you don't have time to do rolos or whip out that flat iron) and air dried tresses. ¡Y Pues claro!, we'll try to toss in a few 5 minute or less Minutes to Win It styles too. Without further ado here's my first style:

@mz_tammy from Care For Your Hair 

My gorgeous natural friend (and neighbor) shared this pic with me and I was in love. I quickly saved it knowing that I would need it one day. After all, this isn't a bun that you roll in the grocery store or church bake sale in.
Ha-ha! Luckily for me I received a last minute birthday bash invite. Y'all know that I love any reason to celebrate! 

Tammy has great instructions, so just follow her lead!

Photo: Tammy - 

As per request 

1. Part hair from ear to ear across the top, pin both sides up (should have a mohawk appearance). 

2. Part back in 3 sections, pull the middle section up and secure with pins (or combs). 

3. Starting from the nape, grab a section of hair and pull to the opposite side and secure. (If your hair is long enough, bobby pins wont be needed. I'm using pins to do the #pictorial ) 

4. Grab section the section at the nape on the of the opposite and cross over previous section. 

5. Continue criss crossing until you reach the top. 

6. Grab a section (on right or left) of hair in the front, roll forward, tuck inwards and under, and secure with pin (loosely). 

7. Take the front section on the opposite side, roll forward, and tuck into the opening of the previous roll. All other rolls should be towards the front expect... 

8. The last rolls will be going backwards to cover the leftover hair in the back. 

9. Slightly lift rolls to add volume and that's a wrap!

Un mil besitos!


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