Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Healthy Hair Insight: Long...Hot..Summer Days

AHhhhhhhh Summer is upon us!! It can be a lovely thing but also a veryyy dreadful occasion lol if we get lost in translation and forget our hair. Personally, I am a summer camp director...soooo it gets very long and hot ...and add the swimming pool..my hair will fall out due to breakage if I do not stay on top of my "Hair Game". So here are a few tips for both you and I to remember! Many of these tips have been shared consistently, soooo that says something right!? :D

Summer "Hair Game" Tips

  1. Although tempting on a hot day, NO PONYTAILS! Summer time is the perfect time to be CREATIVE .. so style your hair in a cute bun/updo style. Check/Like our Facebook for some styles from KLP! We will be placing pics of all the 30 styles in 30 days to our page!
  2. DRINK WATER! Stay hydrated.. Remember water is great for you (no bueno if you pass out) and for your hair.
  3. Wash regularly and rotate moisture products into your regimen... My hair personally drys out sooo much quicker during the summer months...So, I must stay on my moisturizing and sealing regimen..and ensure that I am protecting my strands. Every season brings a new...reason.. lol basically know your hair during the changing seasons.
  4. Sunscreen ... lol..hey! Some people forget..but you still tan lol however, we should all protect our skin!
  5. NO HEAT #FTW? .. Summer time brings the temptation of flat irons, curling irons and everything with heat...try your best to limit your heat usage and when necessary (a hot date! maybe) make sure you are protecting your hair! I love using my chi silk infusion as a heat protectant and I also use a dab of Kiwi Coloreflector Blow Serum (Review shall come) or Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide (recently started using this...review coming)
I am sure there are a TON more things we can all do for our hair, but I think if you REST (have positivity as KLP would recommend) and follow these simple steps! How hair might not be as stressful!? lol or at least mine is not!

How do you protect your hair against the heat/humidty!?

Good Luck in your Summeer Dayss!


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  1. Co-washing, bantu knot curls, and plenty of heat free updos are on my summer to-do list! Great post darling! Enjoy camp!

  2. These are great tips! I just got back from vacation where I let salt water, sand and relaxing by the pool wreck my hair! I'm nursing it back to health now! Thanks!


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