Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Wash Day

Hola Chicas!

Notes: I washed my hair on Sunday! I plan on completing a Mini-Wash, tomorrow on Wednesday...My plan is to do full washes on the weekend and a mini-wash (KLP style) mid-week. I want to get this in full swing as summer camp approaches!! ahhhhh lol... I am will be super busy/hot/in the pool lol soo my hair will need all the moisture/protien balance it can get this summer.

(1) Detangle with my fingers. My hair was not super tangled this week :)

(2) Prepooed with my Essential Oil Mix on my scalp and Emergencia Intensive Moisture Split Ends Conditioner (I only have little bit more lol before bottle is done) and Grapeseed Oil on length of my hair.

Products Used
(3) Shampooed with my LOVE ...PM Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo..my hair personally luvss it..Check my review!

(4) Tea Rinse with CC's Naturals Lavender & Chamomile Hair Tea...Check my review!

(5) DC with both Matrix Conditioning Balm (KLP Review) /HydraLight Weightless Moisture Conditioner (Check review here!)

(6) Leave ins were Hydralight Moisture Root Lift Spray and Organix Coconut Anti-breakage Serum. I combed through breifly with my 5660 Hercules Sagemann Comb!!

100% Hair Dry... Excess Water absorbed by 100% cotton t-shirt #noheat

My Hair Reality: OOOMMMMGGGG SOFTNESS!!! Again, my hair was sooooo soft...I truly thought I left some product in my hair. I personally could have stopped after my tea rinse lol but I knew I had to DC. My hair is still soft on Tuesday...:D I am moisturizing/sealing with a lil water and grapeseed oil (trying something different lol). I have noticed some shedding (not too much more than normal) but I know it is the weather changes.. So I plan on going shopping this weekend to add/rotate some products! I will do a post for my product buys!

How was your wash day!?



  1. OK, I'm gonna try Nexxus with my next wash! Thanks!

  2. Do you know where we could order Nexus online ?
    my most recent wash day was ... boring loool
    I decided to try a new product and turned out that it wasn't for my hair but then I added my leaves-In and it all went back to normal !!

    1. I completely understand! lol .. Thank goodness it went back to normal quickly :)

      Try Amazon..

      Let me know if that works! I have prime so my stuff comes super fast! worth it if you order alot from them :)(school books lol was my reason for it)


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