Monday, July 01, 2013

Mini Wash Day -- Pool Hair, 6/7 weeks post

Hola Chicas!

It has only been two weeks of summer camp...and I feel like it has been a month! lol Well, I have not actually been in the pool too much this past week but here is an update on what I have done mid-week, and my most recent wash!

Pool day: I actually massaged a bit of Nexxus Hydralight Conditioner in my hair and pinned it up. After reading KLP's post, I plan on buying/trying Herbal Essences Hello Hydration! After swimming, I was running around with kids lol so my hair dried simply then I ran to shower to rinse my hair. Cowash...Cowash!! I just do not think my hair would survive if I didnt after swimming so frequently! .. Mid-week..I clarified with KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo...
Whole lotta New Growth!
Current Wash!

(1) Detangled with my fingers...I had some knots at my roots :/ soo I had to be gentle...Then I combed through with my Magic Star Jumbo Rake!

(2) Prepoo with my essential oil mix on my scalp, Matrix Biolage Hydration Conditioning Balm and CHI Deep Brillance Moisture on my length...I ran out of EVOO for my mix soo I actually put some extra virgin grapeseed oil in my mix (as a carrier)....WOW...I felt soooo much more tingling...and my scalp was sooooooooooooooo just whoa after the wash...pretty sure it is por que grapeseed oil is sooo light! I shall continue to experiment! :)

(3) Protien Treatment with Aphogee 2 step protien treatment... I realized I have not done a protien treatment in a while...but I do not personally like to keep it super long in my hair...soo I kept it in for about 2-5mins...

(3) Moisture Recovery Roux treatment for roughly 15-20mins (while I got sooo fresh n clean lol)

Back with a bow :)
(4) Tea Rinse with my fave tea! CC's Chamomile & Lavendar Tea! I shall be purchasing another batch of tea soon from CC's because mine is coming to an end :(

(5) Smoothed my hair with my last lil bit of Emergencia Intensive Moisture Split Ends Conditioner!

Leave-ins were Nexxus Hydralight Moisture Root Lift Mist, Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea and CHI silk infusion!

Side: Braids pulled to bun
My Hair Reality: I did some unique/different lol things this wash...but I loved it...My hair was manageable..and I was in love with my scalp! I decided to braid up my hair into SOMETHING lol...I have no clue..but me n my bro were late for "The Heat"! AWESOME MOVIE...any way..I ended up with a braidout for the week ...It started off strong Sunday but hair is not loving this humidity or rain...those in DMV area... I decided to do big twists (like french braid almost) for the night with satin roller on my ends for the night...Had beach waves :) hehe kinda...for the day... I will prob do some bantu knots ...idk..imma get it!

KLP has been rocking her curls...quite lovely! I gotta get on that level! lol

How are your braidouts!? Bantu Knots!?



**Check out my full braidout through my instagram! :) It was a SundayFunday! lol



  1. *Swoon @ instagram!* I love a good braid-out! I'm so happy that we're already on a heat-free kick because I would have been DISTRAUGHT if I straightened my hair in the morning only to get caught in torrential downpour that afternoon! Silly weather!

    1. Lol I know!!! I plan on straigthening tho tonight...look for post :)


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