Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Wishes: Hair Edition

Sometimes, life sucks. And the worst part about life sucking is that sooner or later, it will suck again. Maybe for the same reasons; maybe for different reasons. Sounds awful right? Well, I've learned (the extremely very difficult yucky way) through experience that we can't prevent sucky things from happening to us or around us but we can change our perspective about and how we react to said sucky things.

I invite you to make a positive wish, each week to combat a sucky part of life in an attempt to sprinkle the world with more positive pixie dust.

My first wish, claro que si, is hair related (I'm slightly hair-obsessed afterall!). My wish is that I keep my mind focused and grounded on the progress that I'm making instead of on a potential--not even remotely real today---setback nestled somewhere in future land. Crazy right? But, sometimes I feel like all that I do is to prevent a setback and I never make room for positive thoughts surrounding the progress thus far. 

Does that ever happen to you?

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  1. Good luck on your goal! :D I'll be sending you good thoughts!

  2. Crapy things happen but staying positive does help! :)

    1. Absolutely. Peace may not be in the world, but I need it to live inside me. :)

  3. Hey, welcome to the Weekly Wishes club!!! :)

    And oh yes, I can understand that... sometimes our circumstances are less than ideal, but you're right: we can't control them, but we can control how we react to them and what we choose to focus on! :) And that's why something like this -- a weekly goal -- is so powerful.

    Getting present is so important, too! Just staying focused on the now, knowing that the future will get here exactly when it's meant to. And that definitely is key in a hair journey, too. I remember when my hair was suuuuuuper short and I felt like I couldn't wait for it to grow out. And now, I'm surprised at its length and really enjoying it! Patience is often rewarded but people forget that it's also rewarding. :) Good luck!


    1. Oh how I love that line "Just staying focused on the now, knowing that the future will get here exactly with it's meant to"---that made my day!

      Thanks Erika!

  4. Weekly wishes sound like a cute and cool idea. I love Tinker Bell and I'm always willing to use a little Pixie Dust to make my fair tales come true. :-) Wishing you all the best.


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