Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Healthy Hairology Medley

Here are a few of the weeks best blogs, vlogs, and forum features that we've found about the web. 

Relaxed Hair Therapy-Simple Fixes for Dry New Growth: Dry, crunchy, tightly coiled roots are no joke. Not keeping your roots moisturized is a sure fire way to prevent retention and aid breakage. The two mortal enemies of stretchers. Read Miss Divachyk's 8 tips and tricks to fix dry roots. 

Naturally Curious-Twisted In Knots Side Bun: I love a good and quick protective style that I know I can rock on my fluffy air dried hair. Check out Miss Naturally Curious' 5 minute or less bun and I'm more than sure that this style will be inspiration for an SOS: Minute to Win it Style!

Kibbi Hair- The First Step To Longer Hair: Ms. Kibbi notes that the first step to longer hair is to set a concrete, measurable goal with a clearly defined time frame. The problem with some goals is that the time frame is so far off that they are hard to stick to. Read her take on how long you should commit to "mini-goals" to reach your ultimate lengths


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