Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Wishes

Wondering what happened to my Weekly Wishes, not really hair related, notes? Well, 2 weeks ago, I mentioned how terrible habit of overbooking, overextending, and overworking---me. I spend many hours in distraction land which leads me running in fifth gear to get the things that need to be done and marked off my "to-do" list. I love multitasking, but lately, I feel like my to-do list is ever full and that I'm always playing catch up. This wish is definitely a challenge to me. In two weeks, I've only successfully stuck to it once. While, it felt so good for that one day, I just haven't convinced myself to maintain said distraction-less productivity. But wait: I have a good reason why: I haven't wanted it bad enough. Yep. I defeated myself.

I'm a little discouraged and have no one else to blame but myself, but I'm willing to recommit myself to accomplishing this goal {again}. My intent is to finish my "real work" before I go "outside" to play with sparkly things. I've shifted my schedule to only accommodate for real work, daily devotionals/bible study, family obligations, chillaxing with my super hero hubby, household demands, training for a 5k and washing my hair (ha-ha). Once all of this is done, HELLO sparkle! My prayer is that my need to be distracted slowly but surely disappears and one week, turns into two, then three, then four, then forever. But it all starts {again} today.
What's your forever wish that you're beginning this week? Be it big or small---speak it into existence!
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Healthy Hairology Medley

Here are a few of the week’s best blogs, vlogs, and forum features that we've found about the web. 
The inversion method ( 1 inch in 1 week ) pocahontashaircaresecrets: The online hair world has been buzzing about the inversion method for a few years now. Whilst, you hanging like a bat doesn't sound like much fun, the claims of growing 1 inch in a week is definitely intriguing. Yahya's take is totally noteworthy.

Paul Mitchell | Curls- Twirl Around First Impressions CareForYourHair: I'm a lover of (almost all) things Paul Mitchell and their latest curl collection looks decadent. Read on for Pelumi Rae's first takes of the Twirl Around Crunch Free Curl Definer.

Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment kinkycurlycoilyme: If you suffer from the itchies, flakies, or just looking for a stimulating oil blend to massage your scalp with, check out Destri's all natural kitchenista treatment.

Un mil besitos!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Why I Have Henna On The Brain


(Left) My mom said that the more stubborn I got--the more fiery my hair became. I hated it. circa age 6. | (Middle) First I streaked my bangs black. I thought that I was sooo cool. *smh high school stupidity at its best* Then, it evolved into rinsing jet black every couple of months for years to maintain said coolness. circa 2010. | (Main) The one thing that I hated about my hair, is the cutest thing on my minion. Ay dios---and of course he's as stubborn as an mule. circa 2013. | (Right) If you can't beat 'em, [re]join 'em. circa Lush Henna. I'll probably never get that color back, but it will be fun trying.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Trekking Light | A Guide To Traveling With 5 Products Or Less

SavingOurStrands Approved Travel Kit
This past few months, I've been on the go-go. Up and down the eastern seaboard, from New Jersey to Florida. I try to pack light yet still be thorough. Here's a list of the 5 go to products and tools plus how I keep it organized, while never sporting a boring bun.  
  1. Deep conditioner: Halka Baba de Caracol
  2. Leave in/Co-wash/Detangler: Jessicurl Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner
  3. Hair Butter: Koils By Nature Hair and Body Butter or my DIY Kitchenista Tangerine Vanilla Whipped Butter
  4. Hair Pins: In a tidy portable tin like these from Sallys
  5. Banana Clips: Scunci Banana Hair Clips

Banana Clip Side Tuck on Loose Bantu Curls

For overnight or weekend trips, I can get away with trekking 
with 1000mL or less containers. I picked up this plastic carrying case with 4 empty containers included for less than $2. I was pleasantly surprised that the rest of my mini arsenal fit perfectly. For more than 5 day aways---I pack full bottles. Bonus Tip: When I want to be fancy, I carry a mini container of Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie so that I can sport big (heat free) fluffy frizz-resistant bantu knot curls.

What hair products do you trek with?

Un mil besitos!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wash Day

WOW---I survived two weeks without washing! Although moisturizing with Aloe Vera Juice and sealing with Kitchenista Hair Butter had my hair in heaven---I actually missed the feeling of washing my hair. With today's wash day---I grabbed a little shampoo to clarify and rid myself of two weeks of product application. Then, to add a little strength to my 12 weeks post hair, I went for a protein packed extreme deep condition.
Wash Day Products
  1. Detangled- with my fingers.
  2. Clarifying Shampoo- with diluted KeraCare 1st Lather Shampoo.
  3. Moisturizing Shampoo- with diluted Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie Hydrating Shampoo.
  4. Extreme deep condition- with JBCO and Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Toner on my scalp then Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner on the length of my hair. Then I sealed the conditioner with coconut oil, covered with a plastic cap and relaxed under my heat cap for about 2 hours. 
  5. (Aloe) Green Tea Rinse- After rinsing the conditioner, I applied 4oz of steeped green tea + 4oz of Aloe Vera Juice, using a narrow tip applicator to my strands. I let it sit for a few minutes then rinsed. 
  6. Smoothing Treatment- with a large dollop of Matrix Biolage Detangling Solution.
  7. Air Dried- 90% with silk scarf.
  8. Leave-Ins- Jessicurl Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner and my kitchenista Tangerine Vanilla Whipped Hair Butter.
The Annoying:
After shampooing my hair felt clean and light, but definitely not moisturized. I probably should have ditched my plans to use a protein conditioner here, but I didn't. Then when I went to rinse the Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner, I really wished that I would have listened to my inner hair voice. My hair felt stiff, matted and tangled. I've never had results like this before using this conditioner, so I won't place the blame there. I have just enough for another wash session left, so I'll reserve my review until then. 

The Indifferent: 
This was my first attempted at the Aloe Green Tea Rinse that I featured 2 weeks ago in the Sunday Hairology Medley. Meh...I don't have much to say about it. It wasn't awful---but I wasn't impressed either. I'll definitely give it another try though. 

Lost Hair: (L) Shower | (R) Detangling
The Good:

I only had a pea sized amount of loss hair from shampoo to deep conditioner to tea rinse/smoothing treatment. Was it the Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Toner that I've put back in rotation over the last two weeks? I don't have a clue. What I do know is that every time that I use this one on a regular basis, my shedding decreases. 

Matrix Biolage Detangling Solution is slowly winning me over. I love love love how much slip it provides to my roots, but hate that the moisturizing feeling completely disappears once its rinsed. Am I asking for too much here?

The Best:
Banana Clip French Twist
My hair screamed hallelujah when I began to apply Jessicurl Too Shea and hair butter. I'm very happy that I can always count on it to melt knots and moisturize the multiple textures on my head like crazy. Today's wash was definitely an example of how a great leave in cocktail can save your hair. Finger detangling took a little over an hour, but I didn't have to cut not a one SSK, I didn't lose anymore hair than normal in the process, and my hair definitely feels strengthened---which was my goal, I suppose. feels good to have my big hair back!


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Un mil besitos!
KLP & Keyda

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Monday, September 23, 2013

How I Moisturize My Straightened Hair

Kitchenista Hair Butter & AVJ
After spending 2 hours to flat iron my hair---I want my hair to stay straight for as long as possible. I'm 11 weeks post with a little less than 2 inches of growth. I'm also training for a 5k by running 2-3 times a week, loving Spin twice a week, and I occasionally drop into a BodyCombat class. Pre-Bad Habit Detox, I probably would have skipped moisturizing to prevent reversion, used a silicone based product daily causing yucky buildup, and flat-ironed the life out of my poor ends. I'm trying not to be about that life anymore, so instead I pulled out some Aloe Vera Juice and my Kitchenista Hair Butter. The results---almost two weeks of smooth roots, moisturized tresses, and protected ends. I'm so in love.

Now, I know that you're probably wondering how in the world did this mix keep my hair smooth for almost two weeks? Here's the technique that I used nightly: 
  1. Finger sectioned my hair into four quadrants. 
  2. After finger detangling one section at a time, I lightly misted aloe vera juice mixed with a few drops of tangerine essential oil from root to tip. I was looking for a dewy feeling---not damp or wet. 
  3. Next, I massage just a smidge of Kitchenista Hair Butter.
  4. To smooth out my roots, I bantu knotted each section, covered with a hair scarf. In the morning, I unraveled my knots and styled.
Banana Clip Side French Roll
Why it worked for me:
Aloe vera juice is very subtle, absorbs easily, leaves no residue, almost odorless, naturally combats frizz, soothes the itches, all while moisturizing my hair with vital nutrients. My kitchenista hair butter is a diva too. It seals my ends, is ultra nourishing, when used with a light hand--is weightless, and adds a softness that can't be beat. Bantu Knots stretch out my roots without needing heat, prevented tangling of the two textures, and gave my hair insta-style.

What do you use to moisturize your hair when it straightened?

Un mil besitos!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Healthy Hairology Medley

Here are a few of the weeks best blogs, vlogs, and forum features that we've found about the web. 

Protect Your Hair this Fall, Rock a Scarf CurlyKinkyKoilyMe!: My mama told me that head scarves would be back in style again. I totally didn't believe her...until now. Dig out your old wild bold patterned head scarves, protect your hair and look super cute with Jenell's YouTube run down of great hair wrap tips and techniques. 

Ceramides vs Keratin vs Silk Amino Acids: A Quick Guide! taysnotebook: Confused by the influx of ceramide, keratin, and silk amino acid boosting products on the market? Check out Tay's (not so scientific) research on the differences each can make in your quest for healthy hair.

Happy Endings: Can this process help stop your ends from breaking? RelaxedHairHealth: Nadege explores the idea of layering the strength of your protein conditioner as a way to reinforce weak ends. I love a good hair experiment!  

Bunning - My Five Faves BelowTheWaist: Looking for ways to spice up a bun? Look no further than Abbi's list of uber cute better than basic buns.

Un mil besitos!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Straight Hair Is Out To Get Me

Giant Top Knot with Side Swoop
My hair has been straight for about a week and I can NOT wait to get my big hair back! Here's why:

Day 1: Why did I choose to straighten my hair on the only 90+ degree day in mid September. The low temp two days prior was 49. I was hot. I was sweaty. I felt like I had too much hair. It was not fun. My hair ended up in a bun.  My straight hair is out to get me.

Day 2: I slept, not so comfortably in 6 flexi-rods to throw some curls in the mix. Loved the curls---hated the the way that my hair rubbed on my shoulders the next day. I had a major freak out while walking down the street with the wind blowing my hair about. I just knew that there was a spider crawling on me. My neighbor saw the whole thing. *shame face* My hair ended up in a bun. My straight hair is out to get me.

Day 3: "Wow! I love your hair. <whispers> Is that your yours? Is it a wig or a weave?" Really tho? *le sigh* ---Yes it's real. It is really growing out of my scalp. This is a very awkward conversation. You've known me since I was in diapers. My straight hair is out to get me.

Day 4: My ponytail got caught on the clothing hook in my car while I was buckling my kid's car seat. Even a pony can't save me. My straight hair is out to get me.

Day 5: Whilst shopping, my hair got caught in my purse strap on the right and then in my reuseable grocery bags on the left. My straight hair is out to get me.

Day 6: Grr... I blew a bubble and my gum got a hair in it. Soooo gross. My straight hair is out to get me.

I love my straight hair, but I'm totally over it! I'm bunning until wash day! Flowly hair is fun for a little while---I'm just not sure that it's me anymore.

What's your fave? Sleek and Straight or Big and Bad?

Un mil besitos!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why you should never leave your flexi-rods unattended

One set of flexi-rods, Endless Possibilities

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sleek and Straight Styles

My sleek and straight hair only comes to visit every blue moon. So I took full advantage of it by and styling testing out a few styles that my fluffy air dried hair can't quite pull off. All of my styles required little manipulation,  low maintenance and high on sass. Here's my sleek and straight style week in review:

Bantu Knots on Flat-ironed Hair


Another variation of my fave 30 second bun-less style

Un mil besitos!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Healthy Hairology Medley

Here are a few of the weeks best blogs, vlogs, and forum features that we've found about the web.  

Flexi-rods on straightened hair
Flexi rods FreshLengths: This post was from last week, but I wanted to feature it this week anyway. I have a ton of flexi-rods that have been collecting dust. I don't even think that I've used them once this year---until today. Check out Lesley's awesome no heat way to give straight hair some boomchickawowow oomph! 

How To Be A Successful Serial Bunner FancyFlairLady: If Kim is the president of the Serial Bunner Club, I'm totally the vice president. She shares her tips to being the best serial bunner possible. And when you get bored--you don't have to give up the bun, We've got 30 other ways to reap the benefits of protective styling---without the bun.

Protein Colour Henna Treatments SimplyIntoMyHair: Hennaing my hair has officially made it onto my hair bucket list for 2014 thanks to Tracey and the lovely ladies of Lush. Read how Tracey does her treatments and be ready to bookmark her awesome Henna cocktail.

Hair Growth Myth...Does you hair grow faster when natural? MyHairIsMyHobby: No matter how you prefer to rock your tresses, I believe that health comes before length. Check out Candance's prospective on this popular question.

Aloe Green Tea Rinse KinkyCurlyCoilyMe: Just when I thought that my tea rinse couldn't get any better, Jenell blows my mind with this concoction. Expect to see in in my next wash day report.


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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Got Dry Roots? Try These Tips...

By: Divachyk of RelaxedThairapy

Dry matted and tangled roots is the stretchers worst enemy. Check out Divachyk's 8 tips to combat breakage:

1. Shed hair removal Allowing shed hairs to remain trapped within your roots can block the road to hydration. Think of it this way, removing shed hairs creates an open path for moisturizer to travel to all the right spots to penetrate down into every inch of your roots.
2. Hydrating spritz Spritzing your roots simply with your favorite water-based hydrating leave-in really kicks things up a notch. You are able to control the stream and get to those trouble spots that are easily missed.
3. Deliberate application Be deliberate and intentional about moisturizing your roots. I have attempted this method with my fingers and a applicator brush. Both methods work great.
4. Work in sections Tackling your entire head at once can be a bit overwhelming and increases the opportunity for uneven product application. Working in sections makes navigating through thick curly roots easier plus it ensures product application is maximized and reaches all areas.
5. Co-washing Hydration city. Co-washing is a creamy dreamy moment and literally softens hair on the spot. Check out My Faves for product ideas!
6. Avoid Shampoo You don't have to shampoo your hair with every wash. Some times, shampoo can be overly drying which leads to tangled, matted and unmanageable hair. Ain't no body got time for that! Opt for a cleansing conditioner as it gets the hair clean without robbing moisture and keeping tangles at bay. Check out My Faves for product ideas!
7. Baggying Simple yet effective. It involves using a plastic processing cap (or equivalent) to cover your head for several hours or even overnight. The process works by using your body heat to generate moisture. This is a great moisture boost throughout the week. The baggy method can be done with or without product. I prefer using product as the baggy magnifies the moisturizer and softens roots.
8. Steaming Steaming is accomplished by using moist heat to open the cuticle and allow better penetration of product. No hair steamer? Don't fret. Check out: How to Steam Hair Without a Steamer!

Suggested Technique:
  1. Moisturize in sections--this separates the hair so that you can get into your roots and moisturize really well.
  2. Applicator tip bottle--use an applicator tip bottle to apply a creamy, moisturizing product to your roots.
  3. LOC method--product application order matters. Liquid, oil then creamy moisturizer. The oil seals in the liquid and the creamy product boosts hydration. Sounds weird but I promise it works.
Which of these tips would you try?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Snip, Clip, Trim (Official Length Check Results)

January 2013
Yesterday, I took a little more than an inch off of my freshly straightened tresses. Uneven ends are the devil to me. After snapping a few pics, I still wasn't happy with the quality of my trim; for some reason I felt like my hem line was a bit crooked, so I asked a friend to assist. She very reluctantly took off just a smidge more to even things out and called me loca.

September 2013
I'm pretty happy with the results. But I'm sorta kicking my self in the pants for snipping so much off last March. (You can check out my Imperfect Progress for more pics) I'm pretty much right back to where I was before I got a little scissor happy. The silver lining is the my front layers, formerly known as my bangs, are getting creeping closer and closer to my hemline. When I first started my healthy hair journey, I had this awful "mullet" type hair: long in the back and much much shorter in the front. *shudders* Although, I probably won't make MBL by the end of the year, but I'm very happy about my hair's overall thickness. I'm estimating that I have about a little more than 2 inches to go before I'm flirting with my ultimate goal. Once there---I'm just gonna kick up my feet and hang out. I really can't imagine having hair any longer...for now. Ha-ha!

How are your length goals looking for 2013? 


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jessicurl Giveaway

Has anyone told you how wonderful you are today? Well, you are! You guys are wickedly awesome, ridiculously supportive, and absolutely fierce. As a thank you for letting us bother you with our hair obsessed babble every day, we'd like to give you a chance to try Jessicurl's Confidence Collection 8oz for free. The set includes JC's Hair Cleansing Cream, (winner of the Battle of the Leave-ins) Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner, Confident Coils Styling Solution, and Deep Conditioning Treatment. This giveaway runs from September 9-Septmber 24, 2013 and the winner will be announced/contacted the next day! Follow the instructions below to enter to win!

Buena suerte y mil besitos!

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A special shout out to Jessicurl for working in conjunction with SOS_Hair to sponsor this awesome giveaway! Although this giveaway product was provided by Jessicurl, all tips, reviews, and information were discovered through our own experiences and research. It's important to us that our reviews reign real and honest. In fact, JC sponsored this giveaway after the battle champion was crown. We ain't (yep---ain't) about that life! Thanks JC for being remarkably terrific! 

Mini Wash (and Length Check Preview)

I can't believe that I'm already 10 weeks post. Not only am I not ready to relax in 2 weeks, I really don't feel like going through the hassle. Perhaps my relaxer fiasco from July is engrained in my hair psyche. (Can hair even have a psyche? Hmm...) Any who, simply stretching my air dried tresses then whipping it up with a The Bun Effect style is keeping this stretch easy breezy.

I am however, a little hair-bored. So what does this chica do when I get bored? Straighten it! I wanted to go this entire stretch heat free, but since this is only the 5th time that I've straightened since starting this Bad Habit Detox in March, I think I deserve it. Woop! *insert really embarrassing happy dance here* I see that judgey look on your face; my happy dance is awesome---weird---but awesome nonetheless. I also had a chance to trim and length check. Double Woop!

Here's how I prepped by tresses for flat-ironing:
  1. Detangled- the night prior with Aloe Vera Juice, sealed with my DIY hair butter, and pulled into a low bun.
  2. Extreme Deep condition- On wash day, I massaged my essential oil blend and JBCO into my scalp, Matrix Biolage Hydratherpie Conditioning Balm to the length of my hair, and the layered EVCO on my ends. I hung out under my heating cap for about 2 hours.
  3. Tea Rinse- I rinsed the conditioner then with 2 green tea bags steeped in 2 cups of water, I applied my tea rinse using a narrow tip applicator. I let it sit for a bit and rinsed.
  4. Smoothing Treatment- I applied a large dollop of Matrix Biolage The Great Detangler to my strands and massaged it in from root to tip for a minute or two then rinsed.
  5. Air Dry-80% in a cotton tshirt
  6. Leave-ins- It's a 10! + Chi Silk Infusion.
  7. Styling- Straightened with my Solia Iron.
 I loved how soft and fluffy my hair felt after I rinsed out the deep conditioner. Oh man, it took everything in me not to just hop out of the shower there. The tea rinse definitely killed a smidgen of that softness and the Matrix Great Detangler won't be replacing my Paul Mitchell Smoothing Conditioner either but it did do a fab job of loosing tangles at my roots. Perhaps it has potential after all. 

I cut about an inch off my hemline. I'll probably trim a bit more later and take a better pic. I feel so weird with straight hair; I almost don't recognize myself. Weird right?


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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Foot Loose and Fancy Free Fall

Adios Summer
Can you believe that its almost Fall already? Whilst, I refuse to let go of my midsummer night dreams, I know that its time to get my hair regimen ready the seasonal shift. The leaves aren't the only things changing on the east coast. Here's what I'm doing to prep for the cooler weather:
  1. Chillax On Co-Washing- A little wet hair during the summer's scorching temps is totally welcome. In 50° or less weather---not so much. I love my mid week co-washing sessions, but I want to be extra careful about allocating enough air drying time.
  2. Protect, baby, protect- I've spent most of 2013 in protective styles. Why stop now? I want to continue the trend and keep my ends full and fabulous. Perhaps a Bun Effect Deux is in order?
  3. Snip, Clip, & Trim- I'm a few --eek!--months-- overdue for a trim and length check. Expect to see a length check from yours truly this week.
  4. Steady Diet of No Heat- If it ain't broke then why fix it? I'm in love with my big air dried hair and still committed to this Bad Habit Detox. Aside from this week's check in, I'm not really sure when my straight hair will reappear. 
  5. Keep Shedding at Bay- My follicles are totally susceptible to seasonal shedding. While there really isn't anything that I can do to prevent it (aside from a futile attempt at changing my DNA). I want to keep up my shed bust routine of tea rinsing and mindful breathing.
Anyone else already missing summer? What are your hair plans for this transitional season?

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