Monday, September 23, 2013

How I Moisturize My Straightened Hair

Kitchenista Hair Butter & AVJ
After spending 2 hours to flat iron my hair---I want my hair to stay straight for as long as possible. I'm 11 weeks post with a little less than 2 inches of growth. I'm also training for a 5k by running 2-3 times a week, loving Spin twice a week, and I occasionally drop into a BodyCombat class. Pre-Bad Habit Detox, I probably would have skipped moisturizing to prevent reversion, used a silicone based product daily causing yucky buildup, and flat-ironed the life out of my poor ends. I'm trying not to be about that life anymore, so instead I pulled out some Aloe Vera Juice and my Kitchenista Hair Butter. The results---almost two weeks of smooth roots, moisturized tresses, and protected ends. I'm so in love.

Now, I know that you're probably wondering how in the world did this mix keep my hair smooth for almost two weeks? Here's the technique that I used nightly: 
  1. Finger sectioned my hair into four quadrants. 
  2. After finger detangling one section at a time, I lightly misted aloe vera juice mixed with a few drops of tangerine essential oil from root to tip. I was looking for a dewy feeling---not damp or wet. 
  3. Next, I massage just a smidge of Kitchenista Hair Butter.
  4. To smooth out my roots, I bantu knotted each section, covered with a hair scarf. In the morning, I unraveled my knots and styled.
Banana Clip Side French Roll
Why it worked for me:
Aloe vera juice is very subtle, absorbs easily, leaves no residue, almost odorless, naturally combats frizz, soothes the itches, all while moisturizing my hair with vital nutrients. My kitchenista hair butter is a diva too. It seals my ends, is ultra nourishing, when used with a light hand--is weightless, and adds a softness that can't be beat. Bantu Knots stretch out my roots without needing heat, prevented tangling of the two textures, and gave my hair insta-style.

What do you use to moisturize your hair when it straightened?

Un mil besitos!

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  1. I love spinning and bodypump classes, too. I go there thrice weekly if I can.
    I'm wondering why your aloe bera juice looks ro yellow'ish... its because of the oil you've add to it?

    1. I like bodypump too! But the class times doesn't play well with my schedule. *sad face*

      AVJ has a neutral scent---to me, it smells like something and nothing all at the same time. (That probably makes no Any who, I decided to make it smell like something I'd want to use daily by adding a little citrus fragrance. The pale yellow because of the tangerine essential oil. Plus, I love how refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated I feel after a whiff of it.

    2. :) okay, I understand what you mean with smell like something and nothing. I have this feeling often with my body butters.

      I haven't bought my aloe vera juice yet but during the next week I will buy it. I'm excited about how my hair will react to it. hopefully it will turn out positive

    3. I hope that it helps! I'm falling for AVJ pretty hard right now. I'm just a sucker for multipurpose products.

  2. Wow almost 2 weeks?! I can barely last a week! lol

    1. I called myself trying to get the most wear out of my straightened hair. I doubt that it will reappear until next year.

  3. Yes! I needed this post! I love the gym, and now that the weather is less humid, I've been thinking about straightening. You've just given me hope that flat ironing won't be in vain! lol


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