Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sunday Healthy Hairology Medley

Here are a few of the weeks best blogs, vlogs, and forum features that we've found about the web.   

Jada lets her Freak Flag Fly At AfroPunk this Weekend AroundTheWayCurls: I have a confession. I'm kinda in love with Jada. I'm sorta an undercover rebel in square packaging too! 

More Tips for LONGTERM Stretches! Tay'sNotebook: If you don't know Tay, she is an accomplished professional 6 month+ stretch master. We bow in to your rockstar-awesomeness, chica! She's back with more tips to successful long-term stretching. 

Blondie! How I Dyed My Hair Extensions Longing4Length: Read how Ebony is rocking ombre blonde tips without damaging her gorgeous mane and loving every minute of it!

HOTD: flat twist-out One&20: The definition in Britt's flat twist-out is to die for. Avocado butter? Yep. That's on my wish list.

Styling Short Hair Without Heat While Stretching Your Relaxers FancyFlairLady: Heat free is the way to be--no matter what length your hair is. Kim has great tips and videos to keep shorter hair health strong and most important--sassy while stretching. 




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