Monday, October 21, 2013

Wash Day - 10/11 weeks post (Late Post)/ Touch up!

Hola Chicas!!

Yesssss! I actually wash my hair still... I had a lovely wash day on last week..concluding with a braid out! ( I will tweet out pic of my braidout :P)

Notes: I decided to do a braidout as I stretch through the week before my touch up! I am sure there will be tangles galore eeekkkk...but I really wanted a cute no heat style. I will be getting my touch up this Friday at the salon! Yes, after my last experience it is very shocking I would but I am going back to my main squeeze who hates the thought of cutting my hair :)  She used Affirm for my touch up and I LOVED it!! I actually stayed for the entire time! Woot Woot!

Wash Day

(1) Detangled/Pre-poo: I combed through my hair with my lovely MAGIC COMB! (s/n: I plan on getting another comb to really help at my roots) with my Essential Oil Mix/Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner on my scalp and EVCO/Chi Moisture Brillance on length of my hair. I literally cleaned my place for about 1 hr and half. haha

(2) Being a little different, I did a tea rinse with my new CC's naturals Happy Hair Tea right away. I placed Roux Moisture Recovery over it before rinsing out of my hair.

All my shedding :D
(3) DC with AS I AM Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner.... smelled like cake! yummyy...must say my first impressions were good but I shall have a full review after a few more uses. I sat under some heat (my bf calls it a UFO shield lol) for about 40 mins. :D

(4) KLP gave me some goodies last time I saw I let my hair dry for a bit then used a sample size of Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream to moisturize my hair as I braided it up then went to sleep!!

Results: Look at the tweet! But I loved it!! The curls actually held mainly due to the cream Im sure! It was just a KILLER detangling for my touch up ekkk! I also used Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Leave In as well, first impressions I like it a lot! 

October 2013 After Touch up
June/July 2013
Touch up results: After waiting what felt like forever, I finally got a touch up using Affirm. I like to interchange between doing my own touch up and the salon! Although, many around me having been saying/asking me about transitioning to natural...I am not there yet personally. Due to my time, I just need my hair manageable for me... I totally can/will in future but for now I am happy! :D Anywayss, I loved the results and am really pleased with my growth/trim.

I am heading out to LA this Thursday!! Visiting my one of my besties!! Look out for my Travel Hair :P via tweets and I shall post when I get back!



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