Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Wishes

Op #TeamNice was in full effect last week, courtesy of my wish to just be kind. For the first time in a long time, I felt refreshed and revitalized internally. Here's how I got started:
  1. Being kind to me: I have a crazy busy schedule. Think up at 0500 and sleep at 1100 without much chill time in between. Whilst, I've realized that I like it that way---there are more times than not that it really gets to me when I can't get something done. Whether it's that I've overbooked, I'm exhausted from the other 90 billion thing that I had to do that weren't on my schedule, or I frankly just didn't want to do it---when the to-do list is longer than my I did it list, I get down on myself. So last week, I reclaimed space my in brain from mean thoughts about me. I know---it sounds a little loca, but I refused to get frustrated when something didn't get done and I concentrated on giving the things that did get done the best of me.
  2. Being kind when others aren't so kind back: I'm a smiler. I may not speak, but I'll always smile to acknowledge others when I'm out and about. But it's weird because I have some not so friendly loser neighbors that never return the gesture. At times, they even ignore me. Rude? Yes. Does that mean that I'll stop smiling? Nope. I'm going to kind whether they like it or not!
  3. Being ready to pay it forward: I'm always ready to answer hair obsessed questions---but when I got a sweet email from a loyal reader---that wasn't about shampooing or conditioning---I was stumped. She asked for guidance about military life and I really didn't know where to begin. Even though I was slightly out of my comfort zone, I forced myself to reply---and reply in a timely fashion. Her response of gratitude literally rocked my weekend.
Because Op #TeamNice was such a success last week and left me with an amazing bubbly feeling of euphoria that I'm totally committing to it again this week. I'm also wishing for laser sharp focus and determination so that I stay on top of my real work so that I'm not working on Thanksgiving. Cheers to new beginnings!

What's your wish this week? Big it big or small--speak it into existence! Want more Weekly Wishes? Check out The Nectar Collective.


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  1. ^_^ This week I must focus as well, school starts today and Thanksgiving is just a few days away. #Teamnice love this!

  2. Liked this post #Teamnice...It always feels great when you can help someone in need.

    1. There is just something about being kind when you know that you don't really have to that makes your heart feel better. Thanks for stopping by Tomi!


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