Thursday, December 05, 2013

Hot Holiday Hair: Braided Bun With A Bow

Holiday Hot Hair: Braided Bun With A Bow
This style was revisited from my previous Only Mins to Win it style!


  1. Bend upside down. Gather hair at middle back of head and begin braid. You want to make sure it is tight.
  2. After braid was done up to top, I gathered hair and placed elastic band over it.
  3. To get my bun effect, I spread out my ponytail towards my face. Then I did a "pin curl" with my ends basically around to make my bun.
  4. Vaaalaaaaa ...spice up your bangs! Place bow at back and you have a gift of lovely hair! hehe (You can place the bow in front as well! - Check both my versions)

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  1. That is different! I think I'm going to "dress up" a bit this year although my family celebrates uber casual - I just wanna feel special. And hopefully I'll have the hair to match!


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