Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sunday Healthy Hairology Medley

Last week was full of great healthy hair related blogs, vlogs, and forum features. Here's a few that I've bookmarked from about the web:

Let's Talk About Relaxer Application Time fancyflairlady: For a self-texlaxed girl, figuring out the right application time to get your desired texture can be tricky. Too long and you've got bone straight. Too short and you've got extremely underprocessed tresses. Take a peek at how Kim figured out her application time sweet spot.

Super Foods For Your Hair hairsprayandhighheels: Healthy hair starts on the inside. If you've you've mastered pre-pooing, deep conditioning, and protective styling, but still not getting anywhere. Maybe it's time to eat for your hair. Check out Ange's list of hair super foods.

5 Signs Your Hair Is DONE With A Stretch naijahaircangrow: I'm 23 weeks into my stretch and compared to my other stretches, this one has been a breeze. But if I encountered any of these signs from Dabs or if I just lost the will to stretch any longer---it would be relaxer time!

How To Do Crochet Braids With Marley Hair kisforkinky: Are you in love with the marley hair trend but not a braid kinda girl? Consider trying Jouelzy's super simple protective style.

What articles made your list of the week's best healthy hair posts? Link up your run down below! But first check out our rules:

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  1. Share your run down the week's best healthy hair related blog posts, YouTube clips, and forum features that you've found about the web this week. Be it relaxed&radiant tresses, big fluffy naturalidad curls, or anything else in between. (Entries completely unrelated to the theme or linked to your homepage will be deleted---we not about that life!)
  2. Link back to this site so others see. Looky at this nifty button we made for you!
  3. Muy Importante chicas: Visit the healthy hairology post of the person who linked up directly before you and leave the author an encouraging comment. This is the most important component of this linkup. We are each here to encourage each other and build a community of determined women and hair-friends.
KLP & Keyda


  1. I need to look into the Marley Hair. I am thinking about braids as my protective style while I'm working out more.

    1. The styles that you can do with Marley Hair seem limitless! Good luck with your exercise goals chica!

  2. I love my Marley hair. I love her original style, too. I first saw it on YouTube.

    1. If I wasn't such a long term protective style committment-phobe I'd be right there with you Nerline!

  3. yesss to that crochet braid post! I love marley hair and have been talking about doing this style for my mom. I think I want to try it on myself, too, at this point.

    1. Its like everything from the 90s is back. Box Braids---Bright colors---High top fades---and Crochet Braids! LOL.


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