Thursday, January 16, 2014

Styling n' Relaxing! {Keyda}

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS start to the New Year!!

I had an AWESOME time in Hawaii and just wanted to share a few of my hair styles while relaxing in the warm weather! (If you're in the DMV, you know I was not missing this weather lol) I think I could live there honestly!! Well... Here are a few pictures with my hair styles..I admit that I was very into my vacation and probably did not take as many great pictures but take a look!

Unfortunately, I hilariously broke part of the shower at my BF's family home so I actually did not have a full on wash! (just shampoo rinse) :( haha I did a deep DEEP cleaning/moisturizing of my hair upon my return!

The style names are under the photos. :)

Braid Updo with Bow

Hike Hair: Braided Crown

Pin Up Style: Two French Braids with Bow

Swooped Style: Curls to side w/flower

xoxo Keyda!  How was your holidays!? 


  1. Love the swooped to the side style--and oh my goodness, is that a turtle in the first picture?!

    1. Thanks! That's one of my fave styles (wore it too a wedding!) ... YESS!! I saw a sea turtle! :)

  2. Welcome back Keyda, I love all those styles. I wish I was that creative with hair styles. :)

  3. You looked great. I am happy you had fun!

  4. Great pics! I loved all of the hair styles you rocked!

  5. Oh holidays sniff sniff! Lol about the shower. Your hair was really nice styled!

  6. Great styles, looks like you had a blast!

  7. Great styles for a great vacation.

  8. First it was HGTV's Hawaii Life marathon, then Keyda's gorge pics! Now I need to go to Hawaii ASAP! LOL! I'm so glad that you guys had fun!


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