Sunday, February 23, 2014

Healthy Hairology Medley

Sunday Healthy Hairology Medley is the place where I share my favorite healthy hair related blogs, vlogs, and forum features for you each week. I mean, I can't really be the only person obsessed with all things hair related right? *sound of crickets* Ha-ha! Here's the best of the best from last week:
My Relaxer/Texlax Day Process healthyhairbyspecialk: Kendra has the most beautiful texlaxed curls. Her secret: a 7 minute application AND processing time. Check out her technique.

Does Co-Washing Really Really Clean Your Hair? thenaturalhavenbloom: I started co-washing last summer as a way to keep my hair hydrated and clean during the week. And I feel in love with it, but I've always wondered if my hair was actually clean. JC analyzes her own hair to see if co-washing really stands up to shampoo.

Kelis Has New Show "Saucy and Sweet" Premiering On The Cooking Channel urbanbushbabies: Who doesn't love Kelis? Her hair, her style, her food? Yes! Her show premieres Wednesday!

A Very Basic Guide To SEO For Bloggers shemightbeloved: Georgina has the beauty and brains. If you're a blogger, check out her guide to rocking SEO for your site. 

Have your say bloggers! I want to see what you thought was noteworthy! Create a post of your favorites and link up below!


  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing, KLP! :)

  2. Thank you for the mention! :) xx

  3. these are awesome shares. I love natural hair divas and I follow so many it would take forever to mention, but two of my favorites are MahoganyCurls and ChimeEdwards. I've been back rooted (as I like to say instead of saying natural, lol) for about 3 years now. Loving the journey and tips along the way, my hair is super healthy and sometimes I can't believe it myself that its this long. I love it..

    ~Sierra Lee

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sierra! I think that everyone---regardless of how they choose to rock their hair---is in love with MahoganyCurls and ChimeEdwards! Ha-ha!

  4. Great tips from JC and Georgina!


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