Friday, April 11, 2014

How To Display Your Running Bibs & Bling | Fitness Friday

A few weeks ago, Keyda and I ran in our first 5k of 2014. We had an amazing time and the proceeds supported a lovely cause. We were both so amped that we're getting ready for two more races this summer! Because this was my favorite race to date, I wanted to do something special to commemorate it. It's #FitnessFriday *fist pump* and of course I'm linking up with the awesome Ebony of Longing4Length, and fiercely fabulous Britt of One&20, to share how I'm showing off my race running bib and bling. 

Here's what you'll need:

Picture Frame: I bought this picture frame a million years ago and found it sitting in my laundry area. I love it for this project because it has "shadow box" depth, meaning that I can fill it up with other tokens and treasures that don't lay flat. 

Race Day Selfies: Well this pic wasn't exactly a selfie. Shout out to Marc (Keyda's boo) for braving the rain and an all women race to capture this snap for us!

Race Bling: I LOVE RACE BLING! I wore my medal all day after the race.

Race Bib: I keep all of my race bibs. I totally consider them badges of honor.

Here's another super chic but simple display clipboard from Simply Kierste that I wish that I would have found before I started my project! Especially since I have a little more race bling that needs a home. A couple clothes pins, hot glue, and scrapbook paper---then Viola!

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  1. Congratulations!! I really love your pictorial.

  2. Congratulations KLP!! Always wanted to run a 5k but my friends are either too lazy or too busy to train. I've thought of doing it solo but its so much more fun/easier when you have someone you know running alongside of you.

    1. It's definitely more fun with running buddies. If your amigas aren't about the running life check out for a local running group to join. The #BGR ladies are amazingly supportive and dedicated! I was super lucky that Keyda and my cousin were able to run together this race.

      Thanks for stopping by chica!


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