Friday, May 30, 2014

25 Mile Bike Ride | Fitness Friday

Georgetown DC
Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Yes, you read that right! 25 MILES!! One of my colleagues (client of the BF as well) invited my BF and I on a bike ride this past memorial weekend. Of course, he agreed and I smiled with a slight nod! lol I was looking forward to bike riding but I had a traumatic (in my eyes lol) experience as a kid so I had not rode a bike in over 10 years! I was not sure of my survival through hills and turns. Nonetheless, I wanted to stay with my workout kick and try different ways of exercising in my workout regimen.

My BF and I met my colleague at her gorge home in Maryland, where she had two bikes with all the gear waiting for us. She is a very fit and outdoorsy individual. Her husband and her decided to ride their "tandem" bike...I can not make this up! hah I wore my hair in a low bun since I would have a helmet on the entire time. If you are familiar with the DMV area, we rode our bikes from Silver Spring to Georgetown DC to Bethesda to Silver Spring using the Rock Creek Trail. This is not a typo...

The toughest moment of the ride was going from Georgetown to Bethesda because it was a steady incline with some hills that were just...ahh! I literally hopped off my bike on the last hill and just walked it up. We still had 5 miles to go. The upside was we had a lovely dinner in Bethesda before riding back in the DARK to her home in Silver Spring. Although I enjoyed myself, it will be a while before I bike 25 miles again! I think (KNOW) next time I will bike a shorter distance. I am very PROUD of myself because I did not quit, complain or ask for a friend to pick me up! I really gave it my all which should always be given when staying healthy and Check out what my BF had to say about it! Two different perspectives of enjoyment. 

Beauty of DC

My recommendations for future bike riding: 

  1. Wear Bike Shorts! My behind was soooo sore from the seat, it was ridiculous! I am not over exaggerating.
  2. Go at your own pace! I was always the last to meet up with the group. At first, I was embarrassed but I soon realized I had to work with MY body at MY pace.
  3. Enjoy the scenery! I never noticed the beauty and calmness of DC. Sometimes I forget how peaceful our city can be.

Let me know if/when you decide to bike ride. It works muscles in a way that I have never experienced in dance or pilates.  It is a great workout to have when wanting to explore nice weather as well. 

Will you be bike riding!?



  1. Congrats on surviving chica! I want in on the next ride!

  2. 25 miles sound like a lot. A lot of leg work here. Kisses!

  3. 25 MILES?!?!
    That is insane #respect

  4. My fiance and I have been talking about getting bikes for years. Maybe this will be our summer. I know I can't ride well. Whoever said you can't forget how to ride a bike has not met me Smh. I probably will never do 25 miles in one day!!!


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