Thursday, May 01, 2014

Wash Day | Keyda

Hola Chicas!

This past weekend was pretty hectic with my dance performance! I must say I think our show was fabulous! I have danced with Contradiction Dance for three years (maybe 4 now lol) and I this was definitely our BEST show yet! :) I used a ton of heat on my hair for both performances and to keep my sleek curls bouncy, I used a ton of hair spray. Needless to say, my hair needed a good washing. Here's what I did:

[A] Detangled with fingers at my roots and with my Magic Rake.

[B] Pre-shampoo with my essential oil mix on my scalp and Paul Mitchell Super Charged Moisturizer on length of my hair.

[C] Shampoo with Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil. I wanted CLEAN hair.

[D] Deep Condition with Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Recovery Mask. I ended with a faux steam session from my EXTRA hot shower! lol

[E] Black Tea Rinse!

[F] Air Dried 100% (excess water soaked from 100% cotton t-shirt), with a light spray of Nexxus Hydralight lift all over with focus on my roots and a dab of Koils by Nature Perfectly Peppermint Hair Butter through my hair.

My Hair Reality:
I wanted to braided my hair and do a braid out. Of course, I got sleepy so I actually did a bun in the back of head and have a cute braid out in front! Pero... me encanta! It actually turned out super cute and I received compliments from students which = #win. Overall, my hair and scalp felt so clean and refreshed after a long weekend. I totally needed a break from that heat. My hair has its thickness and continued softness that I love every wash day! I have been really focusing on doing my main regimen without a ton of products and I am loving the outcome! :)

How was your wash day?



  1. Congrats on your show! That braid-out at the front adds a really cute little flair to a bun.

    1. Thankss! Yess it does, I was skeptical but it has held up/is really cute! lol (it grew on me!)

  2. Your hair looks really nice, congrats on the show!

    1. Thanks! Cant wait to see your big reveal! :)

  3. Congratulations on your show! I find dancers amazing. Way to jazz up a bun (y)


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