Monday, June 23, 2014

Healthy Hairology Medley

What is Healthy Hairology Medley? It's simply the place where I share my favorite healthy hair tips, tricks, and techniques from bloggers, vloggers, and forums for you each week with the occasional mention of simply cool stuff. A little warning: I'm a little obsessed with all things hair related. But wait---but you already knew that huh? Ha-ha! Here is the best of the best from last few weeks:


The Braid Parade thebeautydepartment: Y'all know that I love all things braids. And I can't wait to try these amazing braid tutorials from Kristen and Amy over at TBD!


How to deal with comparing yourself to others mskibibi: How many of us have seen chicas who started their hhj around the same time that we did with pixie cuts who have MBL+ hair today while we struggle with APL? Frustrating doesn't even describe the feeling. Sit down with Ms Kibibi as she explains how hair envy starts and what you can do to stop comparing your journey to others.

Tackling Tangles justgrowalready: Whilst, I'm not technically transitioning, I'll take EVERYBODY and they mama's tips on beating tangles. I especially love how Jen puts an emphasis on pre-shampoo detangling! It's been a God-send for my hair!

Ingredient Investigation: silkendove: I love the way that Tiffany is investigating suspect ingredients in commercial rinse out conditioners. Check out her first post is all about silicone.


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