Thursday, August 14, 2014

Growing Pains of a Wash Day | Keyda

Braid to side w/ curls 
Hola Chicas!

Long time, yo se!

I have spent much of my summer dealing with moving, working (swim instructor time & school counselor), and just trying to enjoy what I have as a summer! But I am happy to be posting right now :) Through these few weeks,  I had a touch-up right before 4th of July. hah... I am teetering the line of attempting to go post-relaxer over 16 weeks..... yo no se!

Personally, I have a few "growing pains" I realize with my wash days that I have triumphed or is still attempting to overcome. I wanted to share as we begin a new fall! Do you have any?

Growing Pains of a Wash Day:    
    Summer Braid w/ Bow 

  1. Tangles & Knots - I think these have gotten worse for me honestly! However, I have learned to just go with the flow. I realize that if the tangle does not come out with my fingers through the pre-poo process, I will wait until I'm under water and detangle while I shampoo or condition! 
  2. 30 minutes and Done! - I used to want to keep my DC under heat for at least 40 minutes or longer! However, I honestly was following the "process". Then I realized my hair soaks in the moisture by 30 minutes and it is good! Yummy... So, I do not keep my DC in my hair any more longer then 30 minutes (unless I am cleaning and forget) because any longer it does not change what it has already done for me!  Lesson - do what is best for YOUR hair! :) 
  3. Style Experimentation - I admit, I admit! I got lazy over the summer and kept my hair pinned up or braided! I plan on trying more bantu knots, flexi-rods and even, gasp, straightening my hair! Basically, I do not want to only bun it up, I want to stay fun with my hair! :P 
  4. Tea Rinses - need I say more!? Keeping it in my regimen 
  5. Product Overload - I have begun limiting the amount of products I am placing in my hair. I do not want my hair to be overwhelmed and if it works, then why try something new! I also want to wait until I need something new before buying products. I do not want to be a product hoarder! lol hehe but hey! it is hard..... 
Hope everyone is have a blast as their summer turns into fall! Check out my two of my "decent" haha summer styles!
What have you learned about your wash days!?


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  1. It's really hard not to be a product junkie. We are all searching for that perfect product to perform what ever magic we need. I also have tried to keep myself from trying new things before I've finished another product. That is a lot easier now that I cannot buy products for my hair as I am overseas!


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