Monday, August 25, 2014

Healthy Hairology Medley

Hola lindas! Welcome back to Healthy Hairology Medley! I'm super excited to share another edition of my favorite healthy hair tips, tricks, and techniques from bloggers and vloggers this week. I love discovering new things to make my hair happy. Here's my best of the best this week:

8 Reasons Your Twist Outs Look A Hot A$ Mess kinkycurlycoilyme: Soo...I think that Jennel wrote this especially for me, because I can't get a twist out right to save my life!

How To Pin Curl Hair Without Dents longing4length: Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I'm wondering how well the no crease pins would work on fluffy air dried hair....

Natural Hair:Twisted Goddess Protective Style fashiontolive: I'm totally not bold enough to sport this super cute style on my own hair but it's some kinda gorgeous right?!?

The easy 5 min trick for beautiful hair (and it’s free!) hairromance: Scalp massages are so simple and fast, there's really no reason not to give yourself one a few times a week. And I just love Christina's thorough tips on how to make it even easier to do.



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