Friday, October 31, 2014

Why I Love Black Girls Run! | Fitness Friday

Running doesn't come easy for me. At. All. But---that's why I love it. It's constantly challenging. It's demanding. I love the way that I feel afterwards. I love that I'm doing something for me. Just for me. During my first year of running, I ran solo almost every day. I couldn't convince, beg, plead, or guilt trip any of my friends into joining me. I didn't let it keep me from pushing my jogging stroller with minion #1 in tow, sweating like crazy, and learning to love every minute of it but I still longed for someone to share my running experience with. Maybe another mom. Maybe a girl who looked like me. Hopefully, a woman who was just as committed to getting healthy and preserving the sexy as I was. I wanted to run with a brown chica who was more afraid of being overweight, living life with diabetes or hypertension or assorted preventable aliments than she was of sweating out her perm (who comes up with these stupid sayings anyway? You totally can't sweat out a perm people! *eyeroll*).

When my sorority sister introduced me to'm sure that my eyes glittered like a kid in a candy store. She told me that I could find a running partner, go out to local group meets, and surround myself with radiant running positivity. I joined on the spot (It's 100% FREE, no dollars, no cents too!) and it's been lights out running ever since for me. I'm totally in love with BGR and here are 4 reasons why you should be too!

BlackGirlsRun! is completely inviting:
Joining BGR is easy as 1-2-3. (And did I mention that it's FREE?) First, you find a group in your city. Then, choose a meet up that fits your schedule. Lastly, GO RUN! I've moved to 3 cities in the last 6 years. Because of BGR, I can always find running partners and a group meet to join. BGR Ambassadors are your passionate chapter leaders who coordinate the group meets, keep you up to date on all things BGR, and are definitely the cutest welcoming committee I've ever seen! They bleed awesome positivity, pink sparkles, and know exactly what to say to give discouragement the boot and lift your spirit.

BlackGirlsRun! is effortlessly supportive:
BGR doesn't care if the only thing that you can run is late. Start walking. In a few weeks, start jogging. Then run faster. Keep running. Keep moving. All fitness levels are welcomed.


BlackGirlsRun! is authentically real:
Founded by Ashley Hicks and Toni Carey, BGR's goal is to help African-American women make fitness and healthy living a priority. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 80% of African-American women are overweight---how ridiculous is that?!? BGR is about you pounding that statistic into the pavement---you being the best you---you being strong---you refusing to settle for less than the REAL you.

BlackGirlsRun! is absolutely fun:
When you come out to a BGR group meet, expect to giggle uncontrollably, give out high-fives and fist pumps like their going out of style, and leave ready to conquer the world.
    Boom. I could probably list at least 10 more reasons why I heart BGR, but I won't bore you to death. Just know that joining the BGR family was one of the best things that I've done for my health. My BGR girls, won't let me settle for less---they've even encouraged me to sign up for my first half-marathon (13.1) AND are committed to running with me EVERY STEP of the way.

    Are you part of BGR? Rep your chapter below!


    I can not wait until next week to introduce you guys to your new and improved #FitnessFriday linkup! Bigger. Badder. Bolder. All to cultivate and encourage a community of strong fiercely fabulous and fit mamacitas. Until then link up with either my bloggy boo Ebony from or myself on Fridays to share how you lived well this week!


    1. I have loved running for many years. When I found BGR in Cincinnati it was icing on the cake! You are so right about the support and encouragement you'll receive with Black Girls Run. BGR here has meet ups all through the week. Rain or shine, hot or freezing cold, there is commitment to health, wellness, and sisterhood. I love me some BGR too! :)

      1. WOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!! Hey girl hey to BGR in Cincinnati!


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